Rai Sahib

Rai Sahib

Who is Rai Sahib?

During the English period in India. Various titles were conferred on influential people and landlords. Such as Rai Sahib, Rao Sab, Lord sab,Jaildaar etc. It signified those with opulence in the present context Rai sahib means those people who give their advice free of cost without asking on any matter. Such persons may be called ultra prepadrians or snout bands who often interrupt you during the conversation to prove that you are wrong.

Avoid being Rai Sahib

Few stances are there in the society where people are ready to offer free advice to others. They rather are not willing to implement these pieces of advice in their own lives. This is a pungent satire on such people who are willing to poke into the affairs of others. There are these sorts of people who give their particular opinion or ideas on any topic to show their intelligence. No matters they are not asked for that or their opinion may be absurd or impractical. Such persons may be called blow hand or back seat drivers or meddlers.

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Medical Advice by Rai Sahib

In Indian society, lots of people give free medical advice to others without knowing the medical field. If one is suffering from jaundice, people are said to advise for Ganda remedy. Such persons prescribe remedies and emphasize in these they put forth the example of sick persons who had such treatments?

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Tour consultants

Many persons in India work as free tour consultants. If you just mention your desire to go somewhere, they are ready to plan your tour itineraries. They pose to be professionals and act likewise. They suggest you tour destinations, the choice of good hotels and things to do.
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Social Advisor

There is a popular saying in Hindi “Per Updesh Kushal Bahutere” meaning it is easy to advise others, but hard to implement in own life. Obviously, we meet people saying “one should serve old and the needy”. So many of such fellows who teach others the basic code of conduct and morality are found misbehaving with the parents at home, a couple of months back I was at Ramlal Vradh Ashram in Agra. I was amazed to see many senior citizens living there were who are from high strata of society. The children of such citizens made the life of such old citizen’s uneasy and forced them to live over there.

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Educational opinion maker

Lots of people are ready to give their opinion on the educational field. They pose to be educational consultants in India. Even if the person is not interested in their medley, they give their advice regarding schooling or admission. They tell about the best school, college or university in a particular city. They advise you to regard your children’s career without knowing the capabilities, energy, or choice of your child.

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How I hate people causing


Some are in the habit of causing fear of long words. Couple of months back I met a youth showing pedantic behavior. In an open discussion, he put a challenge by writing down few words and asking to pronounce them.

Longest words in English Language

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