Significance of Om

Significance of Om

What does Om mean?

Om Image
Om Image

The word Om Pronounced as Aum is the prime ordeal Sound. It refers to Atman (Soul) and Braham (the eternity). The word is profusely used in the Vedic scriptures. This word is diversely used in the different theological schools and worship places. Thus Om symbol is a big theme of iconography also we find the mention of the Om syllable in the Upanishad’s first, Bible says, in the beginning, was the word.

Om Chanting

So even Abrahamic religions recognize that the entire universe came into existence because of the word. The word in India has been termed as Aum. Even science says that the universe came into existence with a big bang and all the matter was created. The yogis say even today the universe vibrates at a particular frequency, this sound has been called ‘naad’ and those who realize yoga say it is similar to Aum in hearing. The new meditative practitioner first practices by repeating Aum with their larynx as they progress on their path they start hearing the all prevailing “Naad” and do meditation on this primordial sound.

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Science about Om

Modern studies about om declare that the pronunciation of word Om creates physiological alertness. Just a few years ago physics knew that an atom can be divided into protons, neutrons, electrons as science developed they went further and realized that these particles can be further divided. Lately, the scientist concludes that the waves on energy in fact makes the atoms. This is very similar to what has been professed by the Indian spiritualist who says the world is nothing but “Maya”.


Every religion starts with a prophet who is a master spiritualist. He has experience of the self or the Atman, he devises away based on his experience and tells the world to use his way to discover the truth. The world recognizes the master much after he has gone and then realizes. A new religion is born which is nothing but a way to attain self-actualization. The followers instead of really following the master and having their own experience focus on first reading what the master has written.

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Religion and spirituality

The written narration is what the world calls religion it consists of rituals and complicated ways devised by people much later than the real master. In layman’s terms, you can understand that there is a detailed book on how you can relish the taste of this apple, how sweet and trying it is to the taste buds. This detailed book of the methodology is the religion. But reading this book multiple times will not let you experience the taste of the apple. The taste can only be experienced. This experience derived from personal experience is “spirituality”.

Om Temple Pali

This temple is the largest edifice in the form of “OM”. It took almost 20 years of rigorous work. The temple premise includes more than 100 rooms, libraries, and a shopping complex. It also houses a conference hall and a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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Why there are 108 Rooms In the temple?

The 108 number of rooms in the residential complex are very impressive and form Om Shape, these member signify 108 beads of japmala. Accordingly to the Vedic scriptures reciting of matra 108 times is considered to bring harmony with the vibrations of the universe. The ancient mathematicians of India also consider the 108 number symbolic of wholeness.

The lake will represent the crescent moon of the OM. The point or birdu will be constructed as a tower and would be nearly 108 feet in height consisting of 12 temples.       

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