The Scope of Halal Tourism in India

The Scope of Halal Tourism in India

As widely discussed that India has the potentialities of leading the world in the coming centuries. All this has been possible on account of infrastructural development and talented youth. Indian tourism has likewise has substantial growth and new avenues have opened. With the growing economy and better air, road, and train connectivity has opened the door to different forms of tourism. Like eco-tourism, adventure tourism or wellness tourism, Halal tourism in India is becoming popular. India Tour Packages is the favorite choice of travelers. 

Halal tourism in India is quite nascent. Few of Indian states such as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala have done a lot of growth in Halal Tourism. There is a need to develop Halal tourism packages for more places. Such packages can cater to the needs of Muslim travelers. In such tour packages, Muslim families must be given full privacy and convenience during the sightseeing and their stay at the hotels. Thus they can adhere to Shariah laws.

What is Halal?

The origin of the word “Halal” is from Arabic language which signifies lawful. This is a guiding term for the Muslims for food products and action. It is in direct contrast to the world “Haram” which literally means profane. These words Halal and Haram are usually used in the Holy Book of the Muslim – “The Quran” in relation to describe the lawful course of action and livelihood and the unlawful.

What is Halal Meat?

As described already that Halal is lawful according to the Quran. Halal Meat is that which is obtained by slaughtering the animals in a specific methodology. In this process the cut to the chicken or goats or other animals is given on the jugular vein and windpipe and the blood is totally drained out from the animal’s body. Another condition is that the slaughtered animal must be healthy. At the time of slaughtering a Muslim recites Tasmia.

This concept is not confined to food only but relates to other activities such as bank dealings and other products like cosmetics.

What is Halal friendly tourism?

Halal tourism is a form of tourism that drags Muslim families who abide by Muslim laws. Earlier Halal tourism was much associated with Middle Eastern countries like for Hajj and Umrah packages. But now it is gaining popularity around the world. A devout Muslim traveler when plans to visit on alien land or a foreign nation desires to find hotel accommodation, restaurant and other travel-related serves as Halal friendly. He or She wants to have food at such a restaurant which is Halal certified from a well known Agency. Similarly, they want to stay at such hotels that make necessary Halal arrangements in the rooms. In the Halal-certified hotels, they provide separate arrangements of prayers for ladies and gents. For ladies in Hijab privacy is important Hijab allows ladies in Islam to retain modesty morals and privacy. It is the head scarf which covers ladies solders. In the Halal rooms, Qibla direction is pasted with prayer mats, a copy of the Quran, and local prayer times.

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Halal Friendly Taj Mahal Agra Tour

Presently it is easy to arrange a Muslim-friendly Halal tour of Agra from Delhi. The Taj Mahal city abounds in Muslim architecture. There are some tour operators in Agra who can offer Halal tour packages for Agra. These tour packages range from one day to multi day tours. Even on a day tour from Delhi, you can easily visit the Taj Mahal & Agra Fort.

In case you want to do the sightseeing of other Muslim monuments of Agra such as Fatehpur Sikri, Itmad-Ud-Daula tomb and Akabar’s tomb, you have to plan for two or more day trip to Agra. Agra has plenty of restaurants which serve Halal food. Similarly in the service industry you can find Muslim tour guides.

You can demand a Muslim cab driver who can drive you from Delhi to Agra using the expressway. You can ask your tour operator to provide you Halal-friendly room in your designated hotel in Agra. Before leaving Delhi Hotel you can pray and after Namaz, you can hit the road to Agra.

Top places to visit in Agra-

Upon your arrival in Agra, your Muslim tour guide is going to meet you at the hotel and brief you about the daily activities and about the city. Now you can have lunch at the suggested Halal restaurant. Get ready to visit the magnificent Agra fort. You can offer prayer at the famous Nageena Mosque.     

Now it is the time to reach the iconic Taj Mahal and get submerged in its beauty. This will certainly mesmerize you. Your tour guide will take pictures of you keeping privacy. Now if your desire you can enjoy shopping with local Muslim ladies doing embroidery work and gents doing marble inlay work.


At the end of the day, you can visit the biggest Jama Masjid and offer prayers. After finishing the tour you can enjoy Halal Dinner in Agra restaurant and then leave for the hotel.

The second day of your tour starts after Morning Prayer and breakfast. Your experienced tour guide will assist you in your check out formalities. Later move to visit the famous Tomb of Itmad-ud- Daula which is dedicated to Noor Jahan’s parents. Now you can visit the famous Mehtab Bagh Garden and have the last view of the Taj Mahal from the serene gardens.

After taking picture of the Taj Mahal bid adieu to the Taj and take place in your car. Now get ready for an excursion tour of Fatehpur Sikri. Here you visit numerous palaces and grand structures. Besides you also get to see the Buland Gate and Zami Masque. You offer mid-day prayers at the Mosque. Now will be driven to Agra and enjoy Halal lunch. Post lunch in the afternoon you will be transported to Delhi.   

Famous eateries of Agra

Famous Halal Certification Companies In India  

There is an emerging demand for Halal Certification for goods, food and other services. If you wait Halal certification you must apply to one of the certification bodies mentioned below. Next step is the audit process and finally certificate is issued after paying the particular fee, followers of Islam are nearly 107 Billion around the world and India is the second largest Muslim population in the world and Indonesia. Thus millions of Indian brands get Halal stamp.

Halal India Private Limited

Jamiat Ulama-E-Maharashitra.

Jamait Ulama- E Hind

Halal Certification services India Private Ltd.

Halal Certificate Logo               

Muslim Friendly Halal Golden Triangle Tour

Thousands of Muslim families want to travel to North India. They can avail Halal Golden Triangle Tour and can visit the famous monuments of Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour. All these 3 cities have sizeable Muslim population. Thus you can find enough restaurants and hotels which are Halal friendly. Similarly you can find the famous mosque in these cities to offer prayers. You can plan for 4 or 5 days golden triangle tour.

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