Golden Triangle Religious Places in India

Golden Triangle Religious Places in India

Mathura Kashi and Ayodhya are three most important places for the Hindus from the religious point of view. These three cities are located in Uttar Pradesh state and can be given the epithet as Golden Triangle Religious Places in India. These three cities are the most frequented places by the devotees. Mathura is the birth place of Lord Krishna, Kashi or Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world and Ayodhya is the birth place of Lord Ram.

Mathura Tourism

Lord Krishna’s followers are widespread globally and consider it their good luck to visit Mathura Teerth in their life once at least, the history of the city dates back to the epic period while Mathura was one among the 16 Mahajanpadas of ancient India. Historically the city is very old and had been the epicentre of Kushan rulers. Similarly from the point of view of religion the city has been the cradle of Vaishnavism like Ayodhya. This is the place where Lord Krishna got birth from Mother Devaki under the confinement of tyrant Kansa. Lord Krishna blessed this holy land and the inhabitants. He devised innumerable pranks to shower vive grace on his followers. He rescued the common folk from the tyranny of the evil powers and became saviour. It was he who took up the Govardhan Parvat on his finger toe and saved the common people from the wrath of Indra, thus he broke the pride of Indra. He as a ruler did immerse work to help the poor and the helpless. As a great philosopher he taught the noble gospel of Bhagvat Geeta. He taught the truth of life, the ultimate reality, the relation of soul and him.

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Thus the whole Brij Area is full of temples of Radha Krishna. The influence of the Lord can easily be found in the common languages as well where people normally utter – “Jai Shree Krishna” as a common greeting Mathura Vrindavan and entire Brij area have scores of magnificent temples built in Nagar style and appeal to the tourists for their unparallel beauty and architectural grandeur to name a few the Krishna Janambhoomi Temple, ISKCON temple, Bankey Bihari Temple, Rangjee temple are some of the well known temples of this great land. Besides temple visit you can engage in some other Hindu rituals over here such as Govardhan Parikrama, Shaving of the head (Mundan).

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Kashi Tourism

Varanasi is another famous Hindu Pilgrimage of Golden Triangle Religious Places in India. The city is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is known by some other names such as Gangadhar. He is known by this name as the upholder of the Ganges. The Ganges in Kashi appears drifting opposite its normal course while normally it flows west to east in Kashi it flows south to north. The city has the oldest Kashi Vishwanath temple which is located in the narrow alleys of Varanasi. It is considered that Baba Vishwanath protects the city and it’s inhabitants. Kashi is the abode of Lord Shiva according to a popular belief any one who dies in KASHI goes to the Lord Shiva. kashi: Watch: Aerial view of the Kashi Vishwanath Dham corridor inaugurated by PM Modi - The Economic Times Video | ET Now

On 13th December Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the project of Kashi Vishwanath temple. Which incurred nearly 900 crore rupees. Before 1950 this whole area was full of travel impediments and the approach was hard. This is also recorded by the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi during his visit of Kashi Vishwanath Temple while he found this place full of fifth, Kashi Vishwanath temple was renovated by Raja Todarmal in Akbar’s time. Later Rani Ahilyabai and Raja Ranjeet Singh did a lot to conserve this place. Maharaja Ranjeet Singh donated 1000 cer pure gold which was used to guild the shikhar of the temple.

In your Varanasi Tour you also have the privilege to see the Swarved Mahamandir Dham which is one of the largest meditation centres in the world; this is related to Vihanyam Yoga. Swarveda is a famous book penned down by sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj and is one of the most famous books on spirituality. This Mahamandir is dedicated to Swamiji and is going to be a big center of not only spirituality and meditation and of social cause.PM Modi reaches Swarved Mahamandir Dham in Kashi: 98th anniversary of Vihangam Yoga Samaj today, Prime Minister will address people from all over the country

In December 2021 P.M Modi also took part in the 100th anniversary of Swamiji. Presently you can witness this newly attraction of Varanasi from outside as it is under construction. Besides these new attractions you can visit several other places of interest in Varanasi such as BHU, Bhart mata Mandir and Several Ghats. You also get to see the famed Sarnath.

Ayodhya Tourism 

Ram Mandir Ayodhya is the major attraction of Golden Triangle Religious Places in India. This temple is under construction. This holy place is located on the banks of Saryu river ,The old name of Ayodhya was Oudh and has been the capital of the princely state up to 1856. You can easily make a plan to visit this holy land of Lord Sri Ram from Lucknow, the capital of U.P. you get to see several Hindu temples in the city and need at least 2 days.

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