How Religious Tourism Can Make A Better Society?

How Religious Tourism Can Make A Better Society?

How Religious Tourism in India for A Better Society?

Aptly said “Man is a social animal” There are set societal norms which make a better family and society as well with the changing scenario where materialism is swaying over the society. Thus the degeneration of moral values is seen. Religion is such panacea that can help in making such society which can be called ideal. Indian Religious tourism in my view can play a pivotal role in creating such society where society can inhale the aroma of morality and ethics.

Not only the Indian society but English society as well had a deep rooted tradition of religious tourism. The Chaucerian Canterbury tales give us an idea of the English society. Similarly the travel accounts and religious accounts of Buddhists and Jain religion in India can be considered the best token of religious tourism for the monks it was considered necessary to move and not to remain at one place for long. As the Adi Guru Shankaracharya made the mathas on the four corners of India, they become very popular with the Hindus for the pilgrimage

Religious Tourism in India Help in Moral uplift

Presently the society is getting many mal practices and new types of crimes are occurring. In the Indian society the family feuds are taking places and the examples are set like Cain and Abel. At time we came to hear about the molestation of old parents by the children just for meager pieces of paper currency. Outside the family murders for property or rape similar kinds of iqrourious and heinous crimes take place.

All such monstrous activities can be attributed to lack of moral education and abstaining from theology. Family and school can play a vital role by moulding children. They should be given chances for religious tourism where teachers and family members can help in inculcating good feeling among children. Children at infancy should be taken to religious places having a history. They should be briefed about the moral stories of Harish Chandra, Moradhwaj, Guru Nanak, Lord Rama Krishna, Jesus and so on.

Mathura and Vrindavan Religious Tour

Prem Mandir

The twin cities of Mathura Vrindavan are famed across India and all over the global. These tours have a legacy of Lord Krishna and have thousands of temples. The infants with their families or with teachers should be taken for Mathura Vrindavan tour. Children can learn life and deeds of Lord Krishna and the tales of Mahabharata Mathura and Vrindavan abounds in the places which are popular with the pranks of Lord Krishna children can visit the Birth place of Krishna and other famous temples. They should also be given a chance to visit the Akshya Patra where they get to know about the community kitchen services.       

Varanasi Religious Tour     

Varanasi Ghat

Situated on the banks of the holy river the Ganges, city of Varanasi derives it’s name from two rivers – Varuna and Assi. Varanasi bears the old names as Kashi and is famed with Kashi vishwanath temple. By visiting Varanasi children know about the Shaivism and visiting Sarnath gives you knowledge about Buddhism and it’s pristine water. They come to know about the religious significance of the Ganges.  Varanasi teaches how life coexists with death and death being the only real truth,on the ghats of Varanasi the touring pilgrims see how the last rites of the bodies are performed while the normal life carries on this shows how trivial the material philosophy of life is and everything however good it may be but sure comes to an end.

Ayodhya pilgrimage – Top Destination for Religious Tourism in India

The very name of Ramrajya can be equated with utopia. It’s a sort of ideal society where everybody feels elated having no grievances or grudge towards anybody. The better way to understand the life of lord Rama and Ramrajya, children at infancy should be given a chance to travel to Ayodhya and visit Ayodhya Ram Mandir.


When children are acquainted with the stories of Ramrajya, they can prove a better citizen by following the ideals of Lord Ram. They know about the sacrifice of Lord Ram and the renunciation done by him at the behest of these parents. Children can emulate the tradition of non-discrimination on the basis of caste and creed. A tour of Ayodhya takes you closer to lord Rama and the pilgrims find themselves connected with the epic story of Ramayana.

Suggested Tours

Vaishno Devi Temple Pilgrimage

Shakesperean dictum “frailty thy name is woman” has been popular during the society of Elizabethan period. Unlike the western feeling Indian tradition has always acknowledged feminine prowess. Thus we have been worshipping the mother as a goddess. In Indian society, the worshippers of mother goddess have been called “shakt”. All over the over the country we have got shaktipeeths. Vaishnav Devi is one such shakti temple. If our children are given a chance to do the pilgrimage of Vaishno Devi temple. they can easily understand the powers of motherhood and thus harness a feeling of love, devotion to not only their biological mothers but also towards the other family members of the house.

By understanding the powers of mother goddess and the stories of the crushing of demons by the mother goddess children can inculcate good character. They can easily make discretion between the goodness and the evil.

Visiting Sufi Dargah- A Pious Experience

Sufism got deep rooted connection in India history. The sufi mystics since the Sultante period tried to bridge the gap between Hindu and Muslim society. The renowned Sufi saints like Khwaja Muinuddin Shisti, Nijamuddin Aulia, Sheikh Salim etc tried to preach the society the simple tenets of religious and morality.

Children if given a chance during educational trips arranged by schools or during family tour can visit the prominent Sufi places in India. These places include the tomb of Nijamuddin Aulia in Delhi, Tomb of Shekh Salim Chisti in Fatehpur Sikri and tomb of Muinuddin Chisti in Ajmer this can certainly be a pious experience for them. These tombs or Dargahs are built over the grans of these revered religious fogies and people offers prayers and make wishes for any reasons. The Tomb of Sheikh Salim Chisti is the first dargah in India built of pure white marble.

Dargah of these Sufi saints with the due Course of time have become places of pilgrimage to the millions of people of all faiths. Similarly we can visit same other famous Dargahs like Shah Ata in Gangarampur, west Bengal, Erawadi in Tamil Nadu etc.

Jain Temples Pilgrimage

The 6th-century old Jain temple religion has been patronized by several ancient rulers in India. These rulers and the tradesmen erected thousands of temples all over India. Many others have been sculpted out by the religious devouts or monks. To name a few of the Jain temples Temples at Ranakpur, Jaisalmer fort, Palitana temples etc are the finest examples of temple architecture. Besides the art appraised the students can learn the basic tenets of Jain philosophy like Anisa, Satya, Asteya, Aparigrah,and brahmacharya. They certainly will have a better idea of commission with nature. they will learn emancipation from lust, greed, anger like demons..

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