Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura-Timings, History

Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura-Timings, History

Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura History

Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. This temple is considered as one of the most beautiful temple of Lord Krishna in the entire world. Mathura city attracts millions of tourist all over the year and Dwarkadhish Temple is one of the most sacred to visit in the city. This temple was built by Seth Gokul Das Parikh in 1814 who was a great follower of Lord Krishna. He was the treasurer of Royal Scindia family belongs to Gwalior Madhya Pradesh. Lord Krishna was also famous by the name of Dwarka Naresh (The King of Dwarka) which is located in the state of Gujarat. Because of this the temple named Dwarkadhish. This temple was built in Rajasthani pattern architecture housing beautifully carved pillar and with painting ceilings. The Vallabhacharya tradition will be taking care of this temple at present. This temple is also housing the beautiful sculptures of other gods and goddesses.

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Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura Location

The famous temple of Dwarkadhish located in Mathura city close to the Vishram Ghat which is the famous bank of river Yamuna. The actual location of Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura is Sri Rajendra Pathak, Pathak Gali, Vishram Ghat, Vishram Bazar, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

Dwarkadhish Temple Entry Fee

This temple has no entry fee for domestic and international tourists.

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Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura Aarti & Bhog Timings

This is the most worshiped temple in the city of lord Mathura. Here we mention the different timings of Aarti and Bhog (Prasad) ceremony performed at this temple-

Mangla Aarti 06:00 A.M. to 07:00 A.M.
Shringar Aarti 07:30 A.M. to 07:50 A.M.
Gwal Aarthi 08:30 AM to 08:50 A.M.
Rajbhog 10:00 A.M. to 10:30 A.M.
Utthanpan 04:00 P.M. to 04:20 P.M.
Bhog (Prasad) 04:45 P.M. to 05:00 P.M.
Evening Aarti 05:20 P.M. to 05:40 P.M.
Sayan Aarti 06:30 P.M. to 07:00 P.M.


Dwarkadhish Temple Timings in Summer

This temple will be open at 06:00 am in the morning for the devotees and visitors and closed at 11 am. Again it will opens at 04:00 pm in the closed until 07:00 pm.

Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura Opening Hours in winter

This temple will be open at 06:30 am in winters for the devotees and visitors and closed at 10:30 am. Again it will opens at 03:30 pm in and closed until 06:30 pm.

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Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura Closing Date and Time

This temple will open all days in a week. During the afternoon hours between 12 pm to 4 pm the main temple is closed for the visitors.

Dwarkadhish Temple Festival & Fairs

This is main temple of the pious Mathura city and it s always full with the devotees. This temple also organizes special fairs and festival throughout the year but the main festivals of Dwarkadhish Temple are Holi and Janmashtami (Lord Krishna Birthday). During these festivals the whole temple complex decorated with flowers and lightings and special dance and musical performance will mesmerize you. The main fair of Dwarkadhish Temple is Hindola Utsav when the idol of Lord Krishna rests in a beautifully carved swing called Hindola. This fair happens in the month of Shravan in August.

Holi in Mathura at Dwarkadhish Temple - a photo-story

Main Deity of Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura

This temple is purely dedicated to Lord Krishna and his consort Radha. The statue of Lord Krishna and Radha is present in the main sanctum.

Best Time to visit Dwarkadhish Temple 

Pilgrims are coming to visit this famous temple throughout the year as this is the most religious site of Lord Krishna. The best weather to visit this temple is between October to march when the weather is more pleasant.



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