Pushkar Savitri Mata Temple Rope Way

Pushkar Savitri Mata Temple Rope Way

Pushkar is one of the holy cities in India according to the Hindu Mythology; this city is located in the state of Rajasthan, India. This city is only 150 kms from the pink city Jaipur which is also the capital city of Rajasthan state of India. Lots of tourists and pilgrims visit this city all around the year as it is housing the sacred Pushkar Lake, Brahma Temple, Savitri Mata Temple and other religious site. Pushkar is also famous for its grand festival “Pushkar Camel Fair” which attracts tourists from all around the world. Among many Pushkar attractions a new attraction is the rope way to the Pushkar Savitri Mata Temple.

Ropeway Savitri Temple Pushkar | Ropeway to Savitri Mata Temple Pushkar | Ropeway Charges, Timings
Savitri Mata Temple Ropeway image

A new adventure has been added in recent years to entertain the tourists and the pilgrims called the Ropeway Pushkar cable car ride which has started at the famous Pushkar Savitri Mata Temple located on Ratnagiri hill. This ropeway cable ride also provides an spectacular view of the Pushkar city from hill.

पुष्कर सावित्री माता का मंदिर के दर्शन की जानकारी - Savitri Mata Temple Pushkar Information In Hindi
Savitri Mata Temple Pushkar

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Puhskar Savitri Mata Temple to get Rope way

Recently the ropeway or the cable car ride has been started at the pious Savitri mata Temple Pushkar located on the mountain cliff of Ratnagiri Hill. Earlier it was hard to reach up to Savitri temple due to the hard mountain cliff of around 1100 steps located on the height of 720 meters. This elevated step will also take more than one hour to reach up to the temple. By the present ropeway this distance can be covered in just 6 or 7 Minutes and every one will pay their homage to Goddess Savitri. This is one of the sacred site of Pushkar city and people believes that the visit of Pushkar lake and Brahma Temple is only completes after the visit of Savitri Mata Temple visit.

Awesome cable car experience. - Savitri Temple, Pushkar Traveller Reviews - Tripadvisor
Savitri Mata Temple, Ratnagiri Hill

Savitri Mata Temple Ropeway Ticket Price

This ropeway is available on a very affordable price and only6 passengers are allowed in one time. The cost of the rope is INR 94per person for one way and for both ways return journey the prices are INR 140. This ropeway takes only few minutes to reach up to Savitri Temple so the most of the tourists will be reaching by the same way.

Ropeway Pushkar, Savitri Mata Temple, Ropeway Charges, Timings
Cabins of cable car ride, Pushkar

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Pushkar Savitri Mata Temple Ropeway Timings

This is one of the exciting adventures for the tourists and Pilgrims which are coming to the visit of the holy Pushkar city. The Pushkar Ropeway for reaching Savitri temple is Morning 7:00 Am to evening 7:30 Pm. Savitri Temple is located just behind the Brahma temple and the maximum distance is 2 kms from the Pushkar city.

Pushkar Ropeway at Savitri Mata Temple - Picture of Savitri Mata Ropeway, Pushkar - Tripadvisor

How to Book Savitri Mata Temple Ropeway

After reaching the Brahma temple you can walk easily up to the ticket booking counter of Savitri mata temple ropeway. This cable car ride is the safest way to reach up to the Savitri temple and its also save your time. This cable car ride is available in two slots one in the morning between 7 am to 12 pm and one in the afternoon between 3 pm to 7 Pm. You can easily get the tickets as per your requirement of one way ride or both way ride.

Pushkar ropeway in the city Pushkar



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