Qawwali Facts and Top Places in India

Qawwali Facts and Top Places in India

Qawwali or Kavvali

Is a devotional singing popular in with Sufi cult of Islam. It is very popular in north Indian states and points of Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is used to be performed at the sufi shrines called Dargah and it attained popularity in 20th century. Some notable Qawwali singers like Aziz Mian, Nusarat Fateh Ali Khan took this form of singing at the International level. The word Qawwali is supposed to originate from the Arabic word “Qawl” which is an utterance of the prophet. Wadali brothers , Sabri brothers.

 Norms of Qawwali

Renowned Sufi poet Amir Khusroo invented a the form of Qawwali by the synthesis of Turkish, Pasian Arabic and Indian traditions together. Earlier in 12th century A.D. in Turkey and other central Asian countries the word Sama was in vogue which has similarity with Qawwali. Thus presently the session of Qawwali is called Mehfil-e-sama. In the medieval times the form of present day Qawwali was different where many restrictions were imposed.  The playing of musical instrumental was prohibited unlike the present use of harmonium. The other norms were- performer should be adult not a child and the utterance should be free from obscene words and the audience should grasp everything in the name of Allah.Qawwali at Nizamuddin Dargah ,a 700 years old spiritual and multicultural tradition. | by kumar abhishek sharma | Medium

Usually Qawwali performance last for half an hour and can be more. They start with instrumental prelude and the melody is played on harmonium with the accompaniment of Tabla. Later Alap is sung .  The lead singer starts singing As the main song starts Tabla, Dholak and clappings start.

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 Categories of Qawwali

Qawwali is the soul of spiritual poetry and had been very popular with the Sufi mystics such as Nizamuddin Aulia, Sheikh Salim Chisti since times immemorial. There are various classifications of Qawwals such as-

Hamd– This is in praise of  Allah almighty. The Qawwali performance starts with hand clapping.

Naat– This is a song sung in praise of Prophet Muhammad, hand clapping is followed by Naat.

Manqabat– These are songs sung in praises of Imam Ali or for the sufi saints. This is sung after Naat and at least one Manqub is necessary.

Marsiya-This is a sorrowful song over the demise of Imam Hussain family. It is sung in Shia programs.

Ghazal– In the reference of Qawwali, Ghazal is a poignant expression of longing of soul’s union with the supreme power.

Munajaat– This is a soul of prayer in the night sung to express the gratitude towards Allah.

 Qawwali Evening at Nizamuddin Delhi

If you want to have a delightful experience get ready for an evening at Nizamuddin Chisti Dargah which starts everyday except Sunday. You can reach there by taxi car or by using metro station. The nearest metro stations are Jangpura and JLN. You need to cover your head and bare shoulder and legs as a mark of reverence besides you have to put off shoes outside the premises and as a devout you can go with the offerings of Chadar and flowers.

Now listen to the melodies of noted Qawwals who are the direct descendants of Nizamuddin Chisti and doing it since generations and generations over more than 700 years. You will be spell bound on the Qawwalis like Bhar do Jholi meri and close your eyes in the eternal pleasures.

Qawwali performance at Fatehpur Sikri

The fabled city of Fatehpur Sikri is well known for its world Heritage site and magnificent palaces erected by Akbar. Besides it is also widely known for the tomb of noted Sufi Saint Slaim Chisti, if you love to attend Qawwali session reach there in the evening Though if you want to attend special Qawwali at Fatehpur Sikri book Thursday in your calendar. You can easily reach Fatehpur Sikri Dargah by hiring a cab from Agra or using public bus or train. The shrine is open every day from the sunrise to the sunset.Qawwali Singers at Fatehpur Sikri | Fatehpur Sikri, India. | Flickr

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 Qawwali at Ajmer Dargah Sharif

 Ajmer  Dargah Sharif is the tomb of great Sufi Saint Khwaja moinuddin Chisti and is open to the visitors from 5 am to 9 pm every day. You can reach Ajmer by road or by train easily. You can hire a tuk tuk or rickshaw to reach Dargah Sharif and pay your reverence by offering flowers and Chadar. If you wish to attend special Qawwali ceremony.                                                              THE AJMER SHARIF DARGAH This is a Sufi shrine which encloses the 'maqbara' (grave) of Garib

Qawwali evening at Haji Ali

The famous Haji Ali Dargaj is located in Mumbai. It is away from the hum drum of Metro. Millions of devotees throng this place to be blessed. You can easily get there by the Mumbai local or by taxi or auto rickshaw. The qawwali performances take place every Thursday evening in Haji Ali.   Haji Ali Mumbai, Haji Ali Dargah, Haji ali bombay, Haji Ali Dargah Mumbai, Haji Ali Ka Video, #haji - YouTube

Originally the Qawwals were made for the male audience but with the passage of time this has undergone a drastic change. Now the Qawwalis are performed not only at the religious sites but also at some other places and cater to both male and female audience. The Qawwalis have became very popular with the bollywood movies also and this has attained commercial flavours.


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