Igloo in Manali – Experience Arctic in India

Igloo in Manali – Experience Arctic in India

In the Inuit language Igloo are called Iglu or the snow house. Igloo is a typical dwelling made and used by Inuits. It has dome like appearance and is made from solid snow, they were also used by the inhabitants of Canada’s central arctic. As presently are no longer in use but this was an integral part of the life style of arctic people. Presently they are used by the hunters as they are the temporary residing place, Now they are recently made as a tourist attraction in Himachal Pradesh. Manali in Himachal Pradesh is a popular tourist destination. Besides other experiences you have the new experience of igloo in Manali and feel yourself to be in the heart rendering chill of the arctic region.

If you endeavor to experience unique thrills of Igloo stay in India you can plan for Manali Tour. Yes you heard it right you can find Igloo in your India Vacation and that to within your pocket. These igloo are going popular with the tourists. These igloo are set amidst the snow covered Himalayan area. These igloo shelters are made during the snowfalls and with the arrival of summers they start melting. Thus the best time to have the igloo experience is December to February. These Igloos were made in 2016 on an experimental basis in Sethan village near Hamta. They are located at an altitude of 9000 ft. Hamta valley trek in Manali is the paradise for trekking and scenic beauty. Recently on account of Hydro electric power station a road is made and this has made accessibility to Hamta easy to the tourists.

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Manali to Igloo Camp Distance: – You can cover a distance of 20 kms via Kullu and it would take nearly 50 minutes to get there. Hamta tourist attraction is newly developed where you can experience Igloo in Manali.

How to Reach Hamta?

By Air: – If you wish to travel by air you can reach Bhunter and hire a taxi cab to Manali. From Manali you can reach Hamta by the taxi.

By Road: – As you are in Manali you can take a taxi to Hamta. If you travel from Delhi or other north India tourist places you have to reach Manali forest and make an excursion day tour to Hamta.

What to Experience in Igloo in Manali?

Imagine the sheer experience of spending a night in the arctic region. You can experience a little bit in the Sethan village in Hamta valley. Just book a night in the Igloo in Hamta located at an altitude of 9000 ft. The locals toil in the making of Igloo to give you an exhilarating experience. This is equipped with the modern amenities and food. In this lodge 2 persons can dwell. You need to Pre-book your Igloo as in the season time there is a great demand. Inside your Igloo you get a proper bed and hot drinks. During your Igloo stay in Manali you have the breathtaking experience rest you can imagine.

Snow Experience in Manali- Igloo Stay - Weekend Thrill

Normally in Kullu Manali trout species fish is a popular cuisine. Besides the regular food you can savour special Hamta delicacy of Siddy made from wheat flour. You also enjoy the vegetarian food of red rice and ghee.

Manali Igloo stay one Night Itinerary.

Day -1: – You can easily plan a 1 night Igloo stay from Manali hotel. They do the formalities and provide you snow dress to cope with the weather. After proper briefing you will be driven in a shared 4 wheel drive car to the Igloo camp. It would take nearly 40 minutes by car when you have it and walk further for 20 more minutes. Now reaching the Igloo camp you can engage yourself in the activities like skiing, tube slide etc. After the sunset you enjoy bonfire and music amid the snow clad mountains. You will be provided with warm sleeping bag with inner liner and hot water.

Da-2: – Drive back to Manali

After a shivering experience of being overnight in your Igloo in Manali, wake up and savour the local delicacies in your breakfast. Later get ready for your walk back and drive to Manali hotel.

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