India vs Sri Lanka Tourism

India vs Sri Lanka Tourism

India is a major country of South Asia with more than 1-3 millions population and an important member of SAARC. The country borders with Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka like other neighboring countries has close affinity to India. In the following points you come to know about India vs Sri Lanka tourism and their various facts.

In 12th century Marco Polo recorded in his memoirs that Sri Lanka is the first Island in the whole globe and since times immemorial it is attracting millions of tourists across the world. Similarly India has been appraised by several travelers who come in the quest of religion and culture. Both the countries India and Sri Lanka are rapidly becoming a tourist hub for the foreign nationals. During the corona pandemic the tourism Sri Lanka and India has suffered a setback like most of the countries, of course the domestic tourism has given a support.

India Vs Sri Lanka

Particulars India Sri Lanka
Area 3,287,263 sq km 65,610 sq Kms
Coastline 7000 Kms 1350 Kms
Population 1.3 billion 20 million
Population growth 1.04% .63%
Currency Indian Rupee Sri Lankan Rupee
Capital New Delhi Colombo
National Animal Tiger Elephant
International Airports 34 2
National Parks 104 22

India and Sri Lanka Infrastructure

Since  3 decades back India government has laid much impetus on the infrastructural development. Under the Golden quadrilateral project Atal Bihari Bajpai, the then Prime Minister initiated the mega plan of linking all the  major metropolitan cities of India with a vast network of national highways. India has many express highways which have curtailed the travel time for the tourists. Similarly the rail network has grown rapidly and the Metro Project and speedy luxury trains have been launched. The number of international Airports have risen to a significant numbers. Recently the largest airport and to be slated 4th in the world at Jewar has been inaugurated. This has been named as Noida International Airport. In India tourism the luxury taxi cabs of the latest models have been initiated and launched. The education sector and healthcare has improved to a large extent. Similarly Sri Lankan government has invested much in human resources and healthcare and in other sectors for the tourism growth.India says it will study Biden's infrastructure plan that rivals China's BRI

India vs Sri Lanka Nature & Wildlife

Both India and Sri Lanka are gifted with the nature’s beauties. These countries have mountainous terrains, glorious beaches, dense forests and innumerable flora and fauna. Sri Lanka has 22 national Park such as Yala National Park, Udawalawe national park Hortion plains National park etc. India has nearly 104 national parks such as kaziranga national park, Manas national park, Ranthambore national park, Jim Corbett national park to name a few. Both the countries have almost similar wildlife , In Sri Lanka elephants are in abundance while India has more Tiger reserves. Sri Lanka has evolved more species richness from evolutionary radiations. It has nearly 120 species of birds. Thus it has become as a hotspot of eco tourism like Kerala in India.5 Best Sri Lanka national parks for wildlife safari experiences

India vs Sri Lanka Cleanliness

Sri Lanka has major tourist inflow in the cities of Colombo, Galle, Candy, Jaffna, Anurathapura etc and you can visit plenty of heritage sites in the country. The country is full of monuments of great interest. These monuments are well conserved and you do not find any of the filth either outside the tourist places in Sri lanka or on the roads. The people are in the habit of putting the garbage in the proper places in the allocated dustbin. Similar is the case with the India, monuments of interest are well conserved by the Archaeological survey of India. This department takes utmost care in the upkeep of monuments. But in India at certain places one can find the garbage on roads and the animals loitering.   Metro matters: What Swachh Sri Lanka tells us about cleanliness - Hindustan Times

India Vs Sri Lanka Cuisine

India with it’s diverse geographical features have different culinary experiences for the visiting tourists. From East to West and from North to South the staple food are different. Some states have wheat as staple food while others have rice as the main food. Thus the dietary habits are different. The coastal parts of India have more sea food like Sri Lanka. While the North of India has many vegetable dishes. North India tour gives you the bliss of Mughalai, Rajasthani and Punjabi dishes ,Barbecue is a popular way of food preparation in north India the kebabs are very popular prepared on red charcoal fire. South Indian cuisines are different. Sri Lanka Vs India sweets are thousands in numbers, in India As you move 100 kms further in any part of India you find a local sweet. Rosagulla of Bengal, Petha of Agra, Sri Khand of Gujarat are naming a few.

Obviously the north of India is not so rich in sea food unlike Sri Lanka. Sl vs India north of India an account of it’s remote proximity to the ocean do not cater to the top sea food, but it’s rich in both vegetarian and non vegetarian delights. Sri Lanka is very rich in sea food like Thailand and other oceanic countries.

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India Vs Sri Lanka Triangle Tourism

The cultural triangle of Sri Lanka is formed by 3 major cities of Heritage importance. It comprises of Anurathapura in North, Polonaruwa to the east and Kandy in the south west. The northen part of triangle is called Rajarata signifying king’s land and Sinhalese kings 2000 years ago. The south part of triangle is Kandy where the Kandian rulers ruled from 14th to 19th century A.D. Anurathapura and Polannaruwa were both ruled by Singhalese in 350 BCE. Both of these cities at present are UNESCO world heritage sites.

In India tourism the major cities of North Delhi Agra and Jaipur are located as the triangle points. These 3 cities form triangle and it is popularly known as Golden Triangle India Tour. Delhi and Agra cities have mughal heritage whereas Jaipur has Rajput cultural and architectural influences. In this Golden triangle Tour you get to see 7 world heritage site including the iconic Taj Mahal Agra.

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India and Sri Lanka Buddhism

India has been the cradle of Buddhism. Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini on the Indo Nepal borders. He got enlightenment at Bodhgaya and delivered his first sermon to his disciples at sarnath in Varanasi. He attained Mahaparinirvana at Kushinagar. Thus India has plenty of Buddhist sites which are frequented by millions of devotees annually from Sri Lanka, Japan, Korea and many other countries of Asian containment. According to Buddhist inscriptions Buddhism came to Sri Lanka from India. During the empire of Maurayan ruler Ashoka religious mission headed by Mahindra and Sanghamitra was sent to Sri Lanka to spread Buddhism tenets. In 273 – to 232 BCE Many of the common folk adopted this new philosophy propagated by Lord Buddha.

In Sri Lanka majority of the Buddhist are Theravada. Sri lanka Buddhists have close proximity to the Buddhists of Thailand and Kambodia. India now has less population of Buddhist sects – Heeenyana and Mahayana. Buddhism practice in India is mainly Tibetan Buddhism. Major Buddhist sites of Sri Lanka are Candy, Anuradhapura while in India they are Sarnath, Kushinagar, Sankisa, Bodhgaya etc. Can Buddhist Values Overcome Nationalism in Sri Lanka? - Carnegie India - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace





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