Vettuvan Koil – Lesser known but Exquisite

Vettuvan Koil – Lesser known but Exquisite

India is brimming with magnificent temples from North to south and east to west. These temples vie with each other in grandiose architecture, elegance and craftsmanship. In south of India these famous temples were erected during Chola , Chalukya and Pandya rule while in North India ancient temples were made during Gupta era and Gurjar Pratihar dynasty. Vettuvan Koil is a masterpiece erected by the Pandyan’s in Tamilnadu. Vettuvan Koil literally signifies in Tamil as the heaven of sculptures. It also means as the temple of the slayer. It is partially constructed site.

How to reach Vettuvan Koil?

By bus- There are many bases running between Tirunelveli and Kovilpatti. While you reach the Vettuvan Koil bus stand you walk nearly 1  km to reach the temple site.

By Car- Madurai to Kaluguwali distance is nearly 125 kms and it takes nearly 2 hours to get there.

Vettuvan Koil Indian temple story 

Vettuvan Koil is located in Kalugumalai and is a trum in Thoothukudi district of Tamil Nadu. This is places on the ancient era trade route from Kovilpatti to Courtallam. This priceless jem of architecture is known otherwise as the temple of the slayer. On the unfinished temple. This temple dates back to 8th century of Pandyan epoch. The temple is a part of Kalugumali Hillock which houses some other temples like Kaluga salamoothy temple dedicated to Lord Muniyun Vettuvan Koil is maintained by the department of archeology government of Tamil Nadu.

History & Architecture of Vettuvan Koil

This unfinished temple attracts the religious devotes and lovers of history buffs for its unique style. The temple is the five example of Monolithic art work and is carved out from stone in three dimensions. Pandya rulers are noted for their construction of cave temples and stone temples, but vettuvan koil is the only example of monolithic temple architecture. The temple is hewn out from 7.5 feet rectangular stone slab of granite. The upper part of the temple has marvelous carvings of Pandiyan style with the lower unfinished part.

This masterpiece of art gives the illusion of a blooming lotus flower. The ceiling of the sanctum has scores of niches housing the attendant deities of Lord Shiva. These ganas of Shivas are playing mridagam. There is the depiction of Uma, consort of Lord shiva along with the devotees. This temple architecture has much affinity with the kailash temple of Ellora and Virupaksha temple of Karnataka.

Tamilnadu Tourism: Vettuvan Koil, Kalugumalai, Thoothukudi

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Vettuvan Koil temple stories

The folklores say that there was a rivalry between father and son over the issue who is the best craftsman. The father was working on the upper rock of vettuvan temple while the son started to work on the lower rock for the murugan temple. The stories say that the son proclaimed that the father would never finish the work. This bragging of the son infuriated father to the level that he killed the son. The other story is that the father forbade the son to chisel the temple until he gets mastery in the profession but despite father’s order he sneaked in to chiseling the lower level of the rock and was able to accomplish the work by making the Murugan temple. The father raged in fury and killed the son over his disobedience.

Vettuvan Koil - Kazhugumalai - Temple

What you expect in Vettuvan Koil?

Through Vettuvan Koil is small in comparison to the other famous temple of south, but it is magnificent art work in the sculptors. You have to climb uphill and reaching inside you find the images of various Gods and Goddesses such as Shiva, Parvati, Nandi and other attendants down the hill you visit a nice old temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. Besides from the top you can see same old Jain temples and take instagram worthy pictures of the site and of the landscape.Tamilnadu Tourism: Kalugumalai Jain Complex, Kalugumalai, Thoothukudi


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