Vande Bharat Train- Delhi to Agra & Jaipur Train experience

Vande Bharat Train- Delhi to Agra & Jaipur Train experience

Indian railways launched the Vande Bharat train to provide a better railway journey experience to the passengers. In this series 10 Vande Bharat Trains are already plying on railway tracks around different parts of India. The Indian railways plan to operate some trains in this series. The new Vande Bharat trains are going to connect New Delhi to Bhopal Kamlapati Railway junction. This will be the 11th train in Vande Bharat series. Another is expected to run between to New Delhi and Ajmer. Both these trains are going to render much convenience to the tourists visiting Agra Jaipur, Ajmer, and Bhopal.

Taj Mahal tour by Vande Bharat Train

Those who dream of luxury train journey between Delhi and Agra were left earlier with few options such as Gatimaan express or Shatabdi express. Now the travelers are going to have more options with the New Delhi Bhopal Vande Bharat Express The Indian railways has the plan to operate the 11th Vande Bharat train on 1st April between Delhi and Bhopal. This new train is going to cover nearly 700 kms in 7.5 hours. This new express train will have 16 bogies end will run maximum at the speed of 160 kms per hour. This will be the first Vande Bharat train of western central Railways.

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Delhi to Jaipur tour by Vande Bharat Train

New Delhi to Ajmer Vande Bharat train via Jaipur is going to provide new dimensions in Indian railways. The Indian railways plans to operate New Delhi Ajmer this train  soon and has successfully done the trail. This is going to be 12th train. The train will stop at Gurugram, Rewari, Alwar and Jaipur. It will operate six days in a week except Wednesday and one is going to enjoy super class amenities besides the speed. You get onboard Rajasthani food delights. Book Taj Mahal Tour 

New Delhi Bhopal Vande Bharat timings and schedule

Departure Arrival
Rani Kamlapati 05:55 AM 10:45  PM
Agra Cantt 11:45 AM 04:45 PM
New Delhi 02:45 Am 01:45 PM

In case you are planning for Taj Mahal overnight tour you can book New Delhi Bhopal, Vande Bharat Train. The train leaves New Delhi Railways station at 02:45 pm and would take nearly 2 hours. The Vande Bharat train tickets are only 10-15 percent higher than normal shatabdi express. Though the train has large inventory of seats available but you can pre book your seats to avoid any hassles.

As you approach the station you can take the cab pre-booked and can visit the gorgeous Agra fort 1st Day. Later you can browse the Agra markets for any shopping and have dinner. At the culmination of your you do your hotel check in.

Next day you can encounter the Iconic Taj Mahal at the time of rising sun. After the sunrise Taj Mahal tour return back to hotel for breakfast. Now you visit the tomb of Itmad ud daula. After the Agra sightseeing you plan to reach Agra cantt by 11:15 to catch your train bound to Delhi.

Departure timings Arrival Timings
Ajmer 06:10 Am 12:15 pm
Jaipur  10:20 am
New Delhi  06:10 pm   12:15 pm

The train does not operate on Saturday in the week.


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