5 Most Visited Tourist Places of Agra besides Taj Mahal & Agra Fort

The city of Agra has the age-old legacy of monuments and historic sights which includes some well-known places and pervading in the dark with fewer footfalls of the tourists. Our sole aim is to bring to light such most visited tourist places of Agra after the Taj Mahal. These monuments have a higher value of architecture but somehow they are not able to gain much popularity with the passage of time.

If you are on Agra tour and have some time extra from your busy schedule do not forget to include one or two in your travel plan according to your taste.

1 – Akbar’s Tomb

The Tomb of the Mughal emperor Akabar lies at Sikandra Village which is nearly 12 kms away from the city center on Delhi Agra Highway NH 2. Previously this area used to be the hunting land inundated with thick forests of acacia plants.

The Magnificent Gate of Akbar Tomb
The designs on the Gate
The Tomb of Akbar
Close up of the tomb

According to the historic records the Mughal emperor Akabar himself decided to be buried here and planned for his tomb. He installed this tomb on typical Char Bagh (Four Quartered Garden) pattern – with the main tomb set amidst the mid of Four Gardens with running water fountains and cascades.

The Main Gate which is grand in comparison to the other three gates of similar heights, Captures the attention of the tourists with fine mosaic work, calligraphic work, and lofty nature. The other three gates are dummy gates. The emperor could complete only three stories and then died.

According to the original layout, the remaining three stories were completed by his son Jahangeer and the emperor was entombed at the place. The tomb is tapering in height to appear like a pagoda and all around it has corridors that give flanking nature to the tomb. Anybody can visit this tomb from Sunrise to the Sunset.

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2 – Itmad-ud-Daula – The Most Visited Tourist Places of Agra after Taj Mahal

It is better known as the Baby Taj. This name has been very aptly given to this beautiful marble structure which sure looks like a baby version of the world-famous Taj Mahal.

The riverside gate of Baby Taj
The tomb of Itmad-ud-daula
Fine marble filigree
Beautiful paintings

Perhaps king Shahjahan took the motivation from this marble mausoleum and later built the Taj Mahal. Built-in between 1622 – 1628 the mausoleum has a streaking feminine touch. The elegant filigree resembles embroidery.

Noorjahan the Persian wife of Mughal king Jahangir built this edifice in memory of her father and mother “Mirza Ghyas Beg” the father was an Emir in the royal court of the Mughals and was also the grandfather of queen Mumtaj mahal (Taj Mahal fame ).

The monument is situated on the southern bank of river Yamuna. Situated in the midst of a four quartered garden the monument has four gates the eastern gate is the only one used for entry while the Northern gate opens to the river rest are dummy gates, the monument has four faces with a dome not visible from the outside.

The white marble is elegantly done with inlay work depicting flowers, wine casks, swan, grapes, etc. The canopy on the top is gracefully done with four minarets on four respecter corners. The graves in the center are of the father and mother respectively.    

3 – Dayal Bagh-Temple of Radha Swami Sect

– This edifice built-in memory of the first preacher of the Radha Soami faith (Huzur Soami Ji  Maharaj) is situated in Agra. There are so many stories associated with this monument.

The Samadh
Inside the Samadh
Three Dimensional carvings
The three-dimensional carvings

It took a monumental 100 old years for the memorial to be complete. This is one of the Most Visited Tourist Places of Agra after Taj Mahal. Dayal bagh a small town situated on the Northside of Agra city. “Radha Soami” the sect as it is known today built this beautiful piece of architecture started in 1905 it was completed in the year 2018 finally and inaugurated on the auspicious occasion of the centenary celebrations.

100 odd years the masons toiled and craftsmen sculpted this structure ornated with marble inlay and three-dimensional picturization of the flowers, fruits, trees giving an ethereal look to the monument, semiprecious stones have been used to make the green grapes and leaves.

The gold finial on the top weighs more than four quintals and looks like an inverted lotus flower. The entry is free for this monument. You will have to remove shoes before and follow the rules of the sect inside the memorial.   

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4 – Mariam’s Tomb – Akbar’s wife Tomb

This tomb is 1 km from Akabar’s Tomb and is dedicated to Mariam who is considered as one of the wives of Mughal emperor Akbar.

The tomb of Mariam

This tomb is also based on the char Bagh system. The monument was built in approximately four years completed in 1627 by the son of Mariam uz Jamani. The queen was popularly known as Jodha Bai and the Hindu queen of famous king Akbar.

The structure is made in typical Indo-Islamic architecture with domes and flowing arches the monument is certainly a must-visit on your Agra tour. Worth visiting in the vicinity is an old Church.

An old Church

5– Gurudwara Guru ka Tal – The Most Visited Tourist Places of Agra after Taj Mahal

The famous temple Gurudwara lies on the National Highway close to Sikandra and is one among the Most Visited Tourist Places of Agra after the Taj Mahal. The gurudwara is a historic Sikh temple related to the ninth master “Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji” who is known to be martyred on the streets of Delhi as he refused to embrace Islam.

The history says that the master was taken as a prisoner from this place in the seventeenth century and later taken to Delhi. The Gurudwara is a fine spectacle of period architecture you will have to remove shoes and cover your head as you move to the sanctum sanctorum where the “Guru Granth Sahib” (Sikh holy book) is read in the holy congregation.

There is an associated community kitchen were free of cost food is distributed to everyone irrespective of religion caste and creed, the devotees accept the food as a holy blessing in unison squatting on the floor with other devotees. There are beautifully kept lawns and the place is known for its upkeep and sanctity. This is surely a must-visit religious site of Agra.

The Gurudwara Guru Ka Tal
The Gurudwara Guru Ka Tal

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