Turn style Gates At the Taj Mahal

Turn style Gates At the Taj Mahal

The Government of India initiated a new system of entry rule at the world wonder-the Taj Mahal under this system the new turn style Taj Mahal Gates are installed at the Taj Mahal. Now the tourists have to follow the entry limitations and the timings of the visit. This is done in consideration to regulate the tourists load for at the Taj.

The turn style gates at the entry gate of Taj Mahal.Agra

Now you have to buy the entry tickets with timings printed and coupons. The ticket validity is for maximum 3 hours. This is an ideal time to visit the Taj Mahal. In case any tourists desire to stay long you have to pay extra.

The Taj Mahal entry tickets for the foreigners are INR 1300 (Approximately USD19) with two steps in which you can visit even the interiors of the mausoleum. If you wish to see it from the garden only then you have to pay INR 1100 (Approximately USD16). For the Indian nations it is INR 250 (Approximately USD 4) with two steps.

If you wish to see it without going inside it is INR 50 (Approximately USD 8)only. For the tourists from the SAARC the entry tickets with two steps are INR 740 (Approximately USD11) and with single step it is INR 540(Approximately USD 8) only.

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