Agra the Home to Taj Mahal and Many Other Taj

Agra the Home to Taj Mahal and Many Other Taj

The city of Agra is widely famed with Taj Mahal for it’s Suburb beauty and story behind it. It attracts multitudes of people as vacationers. The Taj Mahal needs not much narration as there is enough citing on this monument of Love.

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Agra the Home to Taj Mahal

Less known fact is that there are many Taj Mahal in the city like Red Taj Mahal, Golden Taj Mahal, Baby Taj Mahal, Replica Taj Mahal. The story of the black Taj Mahal might look a farce from the historical point of view but presents a good story. Stories say that Shahjahan wanted to make a negative copy of the white Taj Mahal by using the Black Marble.

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Red Taj Mahal- This is a small museum located in the Roman Cemetery close to bhagwan cinema in Agra. This unexplored tomb is dedicated to a Death Traveler John Hessing. He was appointed as the chief of the Agra Fort by the Maratha commander Daulat Rao Scindea. During your Agra tour if you have time do not miss to see the Red Taj mahal after the white marble Taj Mahal visit.

This tomb is erected by his bereaved wife Ann out of red sand stone. Amid the desolation this tomb shows the other side of Taj Mahal story- the love of a lady for her husband. This attracts every one by its pervading beauty and solitariness.

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Baby Taj- This small but ornate monument lies on the other side of River Yamuna in Agra. It is located at a distance of 3 km from the Agra fort. The real name for the Tomb is Itmad-ud-Daula’s Tomb and popularly known as the Baby Taj or the jewel Box of Architecture.

This tomb is precursor to the Taj and the five inlaid work tradition in the Taj Mahal is supposed to be borrowed from this place. This is the first mughal tomb built in white marble.

It is called Baby Taj as it is earlier to the Taj and on account of the less scale of architecture. It was built by Lady Noorjahan for her parents and thus shows the love of a daughter for her parents. After doing the Taj Mahal tour when you are going to visit the baby taj mahal you can compare the architectural similarities of both these places.

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Golden Taj Mahal- This is the Samadhi of Swamiji Maharaja of Radhaswami faith. It is located in Dayalbagh area of Agra. It took more than 100 years time to complete this massive structure. This is totally built out of white marble and looks like Taj Mahal. 

As its colossal dome and has a golden ferial; so it is called by many as the Golden Taj. It is likely ornamented with inlaid work and five carvings. The eye catching carvings of the Vegetables and fruits mesmerize everyone.

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Replica Taj- You can see many replicas of Taj Mahal ranging from few inches to the same meters in the dimensions. But the largest replica you can see in Agra itself during your Agra Tour, if you are desirous of doing something in the evening and want to enjoy some cultural activities.

The best possibility is that you can book the cultural show “Mohabbat-the-Taj” at Kalakriti Auditorium. This culmination of the show you see the largest Replica Taj coming a top from the underneath by the hydraulic system and you see the mock drama of the laments of Shahjahan over this replica Taj.

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