Are Parali & Crackers Going to affect the Taj Mahal

Are Parali & Crackers Going to affect the Taj Mahal

The mid of October to the mid of November is the time when the paddy is harvested in Punjab, Haryana and West Uttar Pradesh. At the same very time the Diwali festival is celebrated across the country. The same blog discuss the problem of Pollution at the Taj Mahal by Parali and Fire Crackers.

What is Parali?

A decade back there used to be a serious problem caused by pollution in the North of India. When the crops of paddy were ready, farmers used to cut the upper part of the rice plant leaving the down stumps in the farms.

As they have to prepare for the other Ravi crop they used to buy the stubbles in the fields itself. It used to create such havoc of pollution that the entire area used to be covered with the thick smoke. This used to result in Pollution at Taj Mahal by Parali and Fire Crackers.

This is used to be on account of lack of ignorance about pollution and it’s after-effects and due to the high diesel prices. Suppose if they apply tractors to plow the fields and clear it from the leftovers, it used to incur heavy expenses of fueling the tractors. The result was the utter concentration of smoke.

How Parali & are Crackers Going to affect the Taj Mahal?

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Similarly, the bursting of firecrackers on the eve of Diwali celebrates used to aggravate these problems in Delhi NCR and the surrounding areas. As the winds used to blow, this smoke used to pervade in the atmosphere of Agra also.

As Agra city has the famed Taj Mahal and smoke impact is a sort of cancer to the white marble, it was serious danger to the Taj Mahal. During your Agra Tour you can ask about the pollution problem at Taj Mahal and the major causes of it from your Taj Mahal Tour guide.

What the government is doing to abate this problem?

Now the union Government in league with the concerned states is serious on the issue. The efforts are made to educate the farmers and tell them about the danger of smog on human health.

Similarly, by the orders of the honorable court, a time limit is made on the burning of firecrackers on Diwali festival. The local administration is monitoring the sales of five crackers and their use



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