Often Asked questions Related to Taj Mahal

Often Asked questions Related to Taj Mahal

There is much said and written about the Taj Mahal and it is the most photogenic world wonder. There are thousands of questions and answers about Taj Mahal. In this posting try to include the same with their answers.

The mesmerizing view of Taj at sunrise


What are often ask questions and answers about Taj Mahal?

Q-What does Taj Mahal Signify?

A– It signifies the Crown Palace. The Taj literally means the Crown and Mahal signifies Palace.

Q- When Taj Mahal was built?

A– It was started in 1631 and was completed in 1653 AD.

QHow much time did it take to complete the Taj?

A-It took 22 years (1631-1653)

QWhat is the Taj Mahal?

A-It is the tomb of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. Originally it was planned as a tomb for Mumtaz mahal only but later after the demise of Shah Jahan he was buried inside the tomb of Taj Mahal with his wife by his son Aurangzeb.

QWhere is Taj Mahal Built?

A-It is built-in Agra on the bank of the river Yamuna near the old Taj Ganj crematorium

QWho is the chief architect of the Taj Mahal?

A-Ustad Isa Effendi is supposed to be the principal architect of the Taj Mahal.

QWho designed the Taj Mahal dome?

A– Ustad Ahmad Lahori.

QWho is the Calligrapher behind the Taj Mahal?

A– Ustad Anant Khan Shirazi.

QWho designed the gardens of the Taj?

A– Kasim khan.

Q. What is the difference between Bibi ka Maqwara and Taj Mahal

A. Bibi ka Maqwara is known as the mini Taj Mahal and it is located at Aurangabad. Taj Mahal is in Agra. These two monuments have striking similarities. Read the full story – Bibi ka Maqwara vs Taj Mahal

QWho was Sati Ul-Nisa Khanam?

A-She was the maid to Mumtaj Mahal and the best companion. Even at the time of the demise of Mumtaz Mahal in Burhanpur, she was present. Her tomb lies very close to the Taj Mahal Western Gate.

Other often asked questions and answers about Taj Mahal

QName of saints whose tombs are closer to the Taj?

AAhmad Bukhari. Jalal Bukhari, Abdullah Bukhari. Imam Bukhari. The tomb of Syed Jalal Bukhari is located very close to the western wall of the Taj Mahal near Khan E Alam nursery. The tomb of Ahmed Bukhari lies on the walking distance from Taj Mahal east gate.

QWhat was the source of water to the Taj?

A– River Yamuna and the Baolies

QHow many entry Gates are there in the Taj Mahal?

A– Three entry Gates (East, West, South). North is the main gate to enter the Taj Gardens.

QWhat is the ticket cost of the Taj?

A– It is 1300 I.N.R for foreigners and 250 for Indians. The tourists from Saarc and BIMSTEC have to pay INR 740/- per person

Q – How to hire a photographer for the Taj Mahal?

A. Visiting the iconic Taj Mahal is the dream of every tourist. But visiting it and have the experience of Taj visit in mind is different, but indulging in photography and taking memorable pictures is a different way to appreciate the beauty. while you are on Agra Tour you can book the services of a professional photographer at the Taj Mahal. you can ask for digital prints or the printed copies you can for the rates with them and can also ask for the photos on the memory card or USB. You can also make arrangements for the pre-wedding shoots at Taj Mahal and in the background of the Taj Mahal.

In the Taj Mahal, you are find lots of expert professional photographers who take pictures of you. They know the best angle to name a few Harish Biloniya, Mr. Pant, Mr. Rakesh etc. are some good photographers.

QHow many days of moonlight view of the Taj possible?

A– Two days before and two days later full moon. Thus it is 4 or 5 days a month. But remains closed in Ramzan month and on Fridays.

QIs the Taj Mahal open on Friday?

A– No. It remains closed on every Friday

QIs the Taj Mahal remains closed on 15 August and 26 January?

A– No, it remains open on all days except Friday in a week.

QCan we drive up to the Taj Mahal?

A– No you can drive up to the Parking and after leaving your car in the parking you can walk or take the electric cars up to the Taj Mahal.

QCan we go with the shoes inside the Taj Mahal?

A– You are not supposed to go with the shoes. You have to cover the shoes with the overshoes or you can go bare feet.

QIs smoking allowed at Taj Mahal?

A– No it is strictly banned. Even you are not supposed to carry smoking items and eatables with you.

QCan you find Wheelchair and first aid at the Taj Mahal?

A– Yes with the office of A.S.I. you can find this facility.

QAre pictures allowed inside the Taj?

Q. What are the unknown facts about the Mughals?

A. Very few people know that the Mughals used ice and perfume. They were also fond of alcohol and sweets.

A– Yes being one of the best photogenic places in the world, you can take pictures at the Taj Mahal except for the interiors of the main tomb.

QCan we take pets inside the Taj?

A– No, not allowed.

Q. Who were the other wives of Shahjahan besides Mumtaz Mahal and where they are burried?

A. Besides Mumtaz Mahal Shahjahan had three wives named Fatehpuri Begum, Kandhari Begum and Sirhindi Begum all of them are buried close to the Taj Mahal complex.

Q-Is there any dress code at the Taj Mahal?

A-No, there is no dress code at all. It is better to keep in mind the Indian tradition.

Q Is mobile allowed at Taj?

A-Yes you can bring a mobile with you but other electronic items are not allowed.

Q-Do we need to cover the face or head at Taj Mahal

A- No, not mandatory

Some other important questions and answers about the Taj Mahal

Q- what is the best time to visit the Taj Mahal?

A-Sunrise and sunset is the best time to visit Taj Mahal

Q-Is Taj Mahal opens at NIght?

A-It is open from sunrise to sunset and remains closed during the night. Except for the full moon dates.

Q-Are they arrange safety lockers inside the Taj Mahal

A-You can find safety lockers outside the gate of Taj Mahal

Q-Is there any duration to visit Taj Mahal

A-Yes, of course, there is a time limit of 3 hours otherwise you have to pay more getting late

Q- What are the activities around the Taj Mahal?

A-There are several activities which tourists can enjoy in the city of the Taj Mahal like Mohabbat The Taj Show, Fly Dining Agra, Agra food walk, Heritage walk-in Agra and Beep uncensored, etc.


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