Pleading of a Lady in the Agra Fort

Pleading of a Lady in the Agra Fort

The Agra Fort and it’s rich legacy has always been fountain spirit to the tourist to visit it. The enchanting Agra Fort stories have been inspiring the readers since ages. This is a short play of I act and two scenes. The theme of the act is based on the occurrence of mishap caused by the arrow of Noor jahan in which a washer man succumbed to death. The lady comes to the court of Jahangeer and pleads for mercy and justice.

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Act 1 scene 1

This scene is the Dhobi Ghat where the washer men with their families accumulate to wash public laundry. This is their routine course where they come from their homes with the heaps of clothes on their donkeys close to the Agra Fort which you can still see in your Delhi Agra Tour.

One couple named Bhola with his wife Chandani is always washing a litter far from the others and have a deep sense of love with the others. On the other hand Lady Noorjahan who has a deep passion for archery indulges herself with the fellow lady archers and shots some arrows from the bow.

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Bhola– What a fine day! The sunlight, the rippling water, the calmness of the atmosphere and you will take my life, (kidding his wife) and gazes at her.

Chandani– I am Chandani (Moonlight) I give Solace, how can I take the life of my Son (You) – smiles and keeps on washing with mallet.

Bhola- Bhola also starts working and singing same song.

(An arrow comes from somewhere and pierces in the bosom of Bhola, a loud noise of Ah! Comes from Bhola’s mouth)

Chandani- What happened, my master, Oh! Runs to closer to Bhola and supports him in her arms. Bursts into a heart rending cry. She tries to take the arrow out from the body.

Others- The group of fellows gathers at the spot. All crying and calling for help and same try to hold the bleeding spot and others try in vain to take the arrow out. Bhola collapses and the royal guards comes to the spot.

Chandani- Ah, Ah, Masters help me, save my husband and faints at the spot.

Scene II-

This scene is located in the Deevan-i-Aam Agra fort which you can visit in your Agra Tour Package. The curtain raises and the royal court is full with the courtiers. Each one with their ranks- Some finding seats with greater Mansabs, while the others standing. The elder men and the wise men are all waiting for the appearance of Shenshah-e-hind. Ladies are sitting behind the curtains to witness the court proceedings. 

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Proclaimer- Announcing, Get ready, Listen, Badshah salamat Nurudeen Muhammad Salim is approaching and going to bestow mercy on all.

Emperor Jahangeer appears the court clad in the royal suit and having dazzling crown and rapier.

Courtiers: All the couriers stand in the honor of the emperor and perform sizada (Salute) to the emperor, Empires takes his seat and orders for the court proceedings. 

Emperor- Start the proceedings of the day! Take up the burning issues. Remember commoner should not be hindered from appearing. My court is open for all.

Bazir- Forgive me your highness. A lady washer man is in trouble and wants to be placed for Justice.

Emperor- What is the issue? Justice should be done to her anon present her before me.

Bazir- My lord this issue is related to the harem and especially with Malika-i-hind.

Emperor- Then what, why you are fearful, Let the lady appear and put her case properly with all details. Frowns on the courtiers.

(A lady in bereaved condition is brought. She is afraid of the mass presence as she had never dared to appear in the Agra Fort).

Bazir- Your highness, this lady named Chandani belongs to washer men community. A couple of days back while she was busy washing clothes with her husband, she lost her husband Bhola owing to a shot of rainbow. This deadly shot took away the life of her husband. She is asking for justice.

Emperor- Justice should be done at once as justice delayed is justice denied who killed her husband.

 Bazir- My lord the investigations are done and they say the arrow come from the Fort itself. My tongue uttering but.

Emperor- But what do you mean, say without fear, speak true.

Bazir- My master it came from the bow of Malka-i-Hind while sporting.

Emperor- Hmm, OK, droops. Let the clarification done from the side of Malika. A transgender appears in the royal court with the confession of Malika as a messenger.

Messenger- My lord, I have a message from Malika, Forgive my mistress,

Emperor– Read the message-

(Message is read by vazir and says bestow mercy on us, my lord unknowingly It was my arrow that hit the husband of this lady).

Emporer- O.K (All of a sudden comes down from the special seat) and asks vazir to give him a bow and same arrows.

(Bow and arrows are instantly arranged and emperor gives the cross bow to the lady.)

Emperor- Now takes this bow and I am standing before you. You should shower arrows on the husband of the lady who killed your husband. Lady- Stoops down, all startled and numb.

Utter silence pervading all around. She is unable to speak and with murmuring sound she is at the feet of the emperor. Saying loud my lord justice is done. Long live my emperor my master, my savior.


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