Best Agra Day Trips – Travel Guide

Best Agra Day Trips – Travel Guide

If you are on India tours and plan for Agra as your Holiday destination, you can also plan for same day trips from the Taj City. You can make Agra as your center. Agra to Deeg- The fabulous city of Deeg lies nearly 70 km away from Agra and is in the Bharatpur District of Rajasthan. This used to be the east while the capital of the Jat rulers Bharatpur before they shifted to Loha Garh fort. Deeg has beautiful fort and houses numerous places, balconies, and places of interest.

The worth maintaining palace is Savan Bhadan Palace which is named after the Hindu months of the rainy season. The remarkable systems of fountains, water channels, and water tanks mesmerize the tourist up to the brim of their hearts.

Top Day Trips from Agra By Car

You can book a cab with a driver from Agra tour operators and can enjoy one day guided tour of Deeg any day of the week. Getting there takes just one and a half hours and nearly 2 hours you can spend visiting these famous places.

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Gwalior Tour from Agra

The city of Gwalior is located at a distance of nearly 120 km from Agra. You can easily make a day tour of Gwalior from Agra. The places to visit in Gwalior are- The Gwalior fort, Jai Vilas Palace, Tansen Tomb, etc. It takes nearly hours to explore the old Gwalior fort and the places housed inside.

Similarly, for the royal palace and museum, you need nearly and a half hours. For the rest places of Interest, you need 2 hours including lunch. Thus in 12 hours, you can enjoy a complete day tour of Gwalior from Agra.

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Fatehpur Sikri tour from Agra

This UNESCO World Heritage site is at a distance of 40 km from Agra Bikaner Highway. While you are in Agra or going to Jaipur from Agra you can plan for a tour of Fatehpur Sikri which is popularly known as the Ghost city. Agra Fatehpur Sikri Day Tour can be done from Delhi or from Jaipur or Agra itself.

There are several places inside the fort such as Deevan-i-Am, Deevan-i-Khas, Turkish Sultana’s Palace, Birbal House, Jodhabai Palace, Panch Mahal, etc. Similarly, many other building scatterings in a large area are also of not less interest such as Hiran Minar, Goonga Mahal, Samosa Mahal, etc. Do not forget to see the religious section housing The tomb of Salim Chishti, A mosque and the Buland Gate.

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Bharatpur tour from Agra

Bharatpur is famous for Keoladeo National Park. If you have an interest in bird watching this Ghana Bird Sanctuary is a paradise for you from September to April. You can spot thousands of Indian and migratory birds. You can reach this place easily by car or by bus in one and half hours from Agra.

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Chambal Sanctuary from Agra

If you desire to see crocodiles and alligators, you can plan for a boat safari in Chambal National Sanctuary. Besides alligators, you can enjoy watching plentiful aquatic species over this place.

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Mathura and Vrindavan tour from Agra

You can plan a day tour of Mathura and Vrindavan from Agra. You can visit Lord Krishna’s Birth Place at Mathura and In Vrindavan, several other temples such as ISKCON Temple, Bankey Bihari Temple, and Rang Ji Temple etc, Remember these temples remain closed from 12 to 4 P.M.

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Agra to Sankisa-

Sankisa is a well known Buddhist site located in Farrukhabad district of Uttar Pradesh. This is the place where Lord Buddha is supposed to land from paradise by raising a ladder to preach. Reaching this place takes nearly 3 and a half hours by road. IF you are staying in Agra, you can make a day tour plan of Sankisa. You can visit popular Buddhist monasteries and the Ashokan pillar over here.

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Agra to Garhi Padavali & Mitawli-

If you are interested in Ancient Indian Architecture and craftsmanship. This Agra Day Trips would certainly make justice. You have to start early from Agra by using a car and first reach Mitawali village. Here you get to see 64 yogini famous temples built in a circular shape. It is considered that the basic design of the Indian parliament is desired from this place.

This day tour would certainly make justice. You have to start early from Agra by car and first reach Mitawali village. Here you get to see 64 yogini famous temples built in a circular shape. It is considered that the basic design of the Indian parliament is desired to the best Agra Day Trips.

In ancient times yogini worship was very popular with Shaivites and Tantric cult.

Later more to another site located not very far known as Garhi Padavali. By visiting this place which is partially intact you can imagine the grand scale of the temple built by Gurjar Pratihar rulers. The popular scenes depicted on the stone carvings include the Naraka (Hell) Scene, Paradise Scene, churning of the ocean scene and many more relating to Hindu myths.


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