Full Moon Light At Taj Mahal- Chamki Chamki Chamki

Full Moon Light At Taj Mahal- Chamki Chamki Chamki

I remember those days almost 40 years back when I was a child and my parents lulled me to show chamki at Taj Mahal. I was much inquisitive about the word Chamki and was told it is the view of  moonlight at Taj Mahal. I just heaved  high saying O.K and was much thrilled as it was the first time to visit the Taj Mahal. It thought it to be same fair in the surrounding of the Taj Mahal as every village child is aware of the fair in his locality. For a couple of days I was much anxious until the great day came and eventually we drove to the Taj. In the evening we entered the Taj with a group of fellow travelers.

Moonlight at Taj Mahal 

The very first sight of the Taj Mahal left me awe stricken. The lofty structure of white marble was bathed in the silvery colour of the moonlight and the two red coloured huge structures on the other side provided a contrast. But my desire on the other side of taking part in the fair were perished and I was taken aback asking my parents where is the giant wheel.? Where are my favourite jalebies, I am finding the crowd of the fair but missing these things.

I mean to convey now that the moon light viewing in those days at the Taj used to be like an annual fair with a gathering of masses. Local administration used to make much arrangements for the occurrence and people used to enjoy overnight clamoring chamki, chamki, chamki which means Moonlight at Taj Mahal. Now as a grown up at the age of  I see a drastic change on the same day where lots of security arrangements are done and only limited number of visitors are allowed from a little distance without the zeal of those days.

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