Famous Marble Shops in Agra

Famous Marble Shops in Agra

Agra city is widely known for the jewel of heart- The Taj Mahal. This iconic building built in white marble and inlaid with semi-precious stones attracts the visitor. The best marble for the project of Taj Mahal was mined from Makrana & Kishangarh in Rajasthan. If you visit the Taj Mahal city you find plenty of marble shops in Agra.

Where to buy Inlaid Marble Items in India?

You can find marble in different parts of India, but if you want to buy the marble items inlaid with the semiprecious stones you have to approach Agra. Here these Inlaid Marble items like small tabletops, coasters etc are made only in the small scale factories in Agra. This tradition is serving now just an account of the artisans whose ancestors toiled in the construction of the Taj. There are scores of good marble stones in Agra of which provide you a variety of artifacts.

Kalakriti Emporium- Hardly at a distance of one and a half of kms away from Taj Mahal you can visit this famous stone, you can enjoy watching a documentary show on the projector about the marble inlaid work and can also watch the out sans line working there. The big tables, coffee tables, coasters, elephants and many more figures would certainly mesmerize you. You have a choice to buy articles hanging from Rs 1000 to lacks.

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Agra Marble Emporium- This boutique store provides you an opportunity of demonstration of marble work with same families. The instructor will explain to you how they prepare the marble and make outline on the white surface to draw the pattern.

Later they make groves by using iron hand tools and after shaping the stones on the grinding wheels fix item in the cavities with the help of glue. You can look a different marble art pieces and appraise the art. You can buy good marble souvenirs from here.

Akbar International- This is again a big show room selling various marble handicraft items. They again have a big factory demonstration which would certainly mesmerize you.

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Subhash Emporium- This is a very old showroom of marble items. This is close to Sadar bazaar. You can buy different inlaid marble pieces like Table tops, boxes, coasters, elephants, flower bases etc.

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Marble Art Palace- This marble store is on fatehabad Road close to Taj Mahal. This presents before you unique collection of handmade marble goods.

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J.K, Cottage Marbal Shop-  This cottage industry and showroom outlet is in cantonment one close hotel Clarks Shiraz. This small outlet showcases the traditional art of inlaid work done at the Taj Mahal. If you are on shopping spree you can choose visitor this Agra One Day Tour Package.

U.P Crafts Palace- This showroom is more than 3 decades old and presents before you a vista of glorious inlaid art done at the Taj. The different sections of this outlet houses different marble artifacts for display and sales.

marble design
marble design

U.P Handicraft Complex- They have a large replica of the Taj Mahal for display which is richly ornamented. They also have a demonstration for you to show how the inlaid work is done. They also present a large variety of Marble goods in the Marble Shops in Agra. 


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