Know Before Booking Private Taj Mahal Tour Guide

Know Before Booking Private Taj Mahal Tour Guide

Taj Mahal, the most iconic splendors of India tours, drops millions of tourists annually. Most of the tourists visiting Taj mahal are troubled with questions such as how to book a private Taj mahal tour guide or hire a cab in Agra for the sightseeing?

Two decades back tourists used to book the Taj Mahal tours with the tour operators close to their surroundings. Now with the growing popularity and ease with the internet just by online surfing you get thousands of options of Taj Mahal tour packages ranging from few hours to few days with the flexibility of budget.

Govt Of India approved tour guides always carry Identity card

Private Taj Mahal Tour Guide

While booking the services of cab and tour guide for Taj Mahal you are left in the lurch of what type of vehicle and tour guide you will get during the vacations. I opine when you book the tour you can ask the operator to provide you a picture of the car or coach to be used and the making years. Thus you get to know the condition of the vehicle.

Similarly, in Agra city there are plentiful tour guides who are approved by the Department of Tourism Government of India and Government of Uttar Pradesh. The government of India approved tour guides hold a license with the emblem of an elephant. The same way the tour guides approved by Uttar Pradesh tourism hold a proper license.

These guides are well versed in their subject and many of them can converse in multi-languages besides English. While choosing a tour guide you can ask the tour operator to provide you few options of tour guide and you can check their servants on the Trip Advisor or some other eligible forums. You can also get a copy of their license.  


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