Mathura Holi-Complete Facts

Mathura Holi History and Significance

The important Holi festival of North India normally falls in the month of either March or April. This is basically a crop festival and is being celebrated by the masses since time immemorial. The festival is celebrated to commemorate the event of burning of Holika the legendary sister of Hirana Kashaya.

The fables say that Prahalad was a devotee to Lord Vishnu and was admonition worshipping the Lord against th will of his biological father-Hirna Kashyap. His sister Holika managed to sit on pyre with Prahalad in her lap in the efforts to immolate Prahalad, her nephew her attempts were foiled by the savior, master Vishnu.Related image

Mathura, Vrindavan Barsana Holi Celebration

The festival of Holi is celebrated throughout the country, but in the Brij Area of Mathura, Vrindavan and Barsana it is celebrated with more religious zeal. If you are desirious to witness Mathura Holi celebrations you should plan Agra Mathura Tour keeping in mind the dates of Holi festivals. The fact behind is that the masses consider Lord Krishna as one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The popular Hindu myths describe that Lord Krishna used to play Holi with his follows-Gop-gopikas in Brij Bhoomi.

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What is the time of Mathura Holi ?

This celebration goes on for nearly a month in Brij comprising of the towns of Nandgam, barsana, kosi, Mathura and Vrindavan. Even though for 10 days it is with utmost zeal as Lord Krishna used to play it with flowers, in the remembrance it is played with colours. This year in 2020 Holika festival is going to be celebrated on 10th of march.

Panda penetrating through the holika flames at Phalain-

This year 2020 on the eve of Holika festival following the age old traditions Monu panda is going to create history. On 10th of march in the village of Phalain in mathura district of uttar pradesh this great occurance is going to take place. Early in the morning at 4 pm after having holy bath Monu Panda is going to walk over the holy flames.

This has been already done by the panda family members in the recent years. This denotes the age old legend of the story of prahlad and his aunt holika. The legend say that Prahlad the devotee of lord vishnu was saved from the flames by the grace of the lord vishnu. Holika tried to immolate prahlad by placing him in her lap. 

This event of panda penetrating through the flames is done with lots of rituals and thousands of spectators come to witness this great event.   


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Mathura Holi Festivals Celebrations

This is worth mentioning occurrence which you should not miss at any cost. The well known panda from the nearby village of Falen or Mathura District walk through the flames of the Holi bonfire. Of course, without any chemicals to prevent fire, as they say just by the grace of God, the priest walk over the flames on the day of the full moon to commemorate the story of Prahalad.

Couple of years back I had a chance to be a witness to this event among thousands of spectators. I was told that they stop taking food couple of days back and remain on fast. Before walking on fire the dip himself into sacred prahalad kund lots of villages come from the surrounds and engage themselves in dancing and singing folk songs.

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Lathmar Holi of Barsana-

Barsana is celebrated with the birth of Radha- the consort of Lord Krishna. This small town located close to Mathura, attract number of tourist for its famed Lathmar Holi. Lath literally means stick as the name signifies in these celebration ladies engage in a mock fight with the men having sticks in their hands. The ladies attack the men in return try to avoid the attacks of the fair sex.

How to Gear up-

Before booking the Holy celebration tour you should keep in mind the actual date of Holi which vary every year. You also note that this is celebrated a week before in Mathura and the surroundings. Clad yourself with such clothes which are not valuable as you might have sprinkling of colours. Have the services of some local tour guide for the support and the advice.


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