Time Capsule Tradition, History and Significance

Time Capsule Tradition, History and Significance

Knowing about the past canalization of deeds and activities as a great bask in which the archaeologist have been engaged. The human civilization has been in constant pursuit of change and making a better society and making changes to adopt. The human race always long for providing a better pitch of life style and inventions for the benefits of the posterity. People have devised different methods over the year to render information for the upcoming generations- same have been linked with religion and some with customs. Time capsule tradition is such methodology in which goods, coins and other stuff are put in a box or cache with a deliberate effort to provide information to the historians to facilitate than with past occurrence.

The oldest time capsule is the Samuel Adans and paul reverse time capsule which was buried in 1795 in U.S. Later in 1855 it was relocated from the initial burial place, India has the tradition of throwing coins in the rivers and those coins go deep in the sand and water with the passage of time these are found by the archaeologist and date back to the thousands of years. Similarly many people used to derive the grounds and hide the coins for safety. Thus unintentionally these activities match the time capsule tradition.

History of time capsule

History of the Time Capsule –
History of the Time Capsule

It is very controversial as when and how the time capsule came in to existence. Though this tradition seems to be very old but the coinage of the term “ Time Capsule” dates back to the modern era in 1938. In 1990 the international time capsule society (ITCS) was formed. This society has the updates and data of time capsules worldwide.

How to create a time capsule?

First of all you have to figure out the survival time for your time capsule and like wisely you have to plan for making a container and choose a suitable place to store it. Now you decide the objects which should be stored inside the capsule. After putting the necessary information, coins and other goods you seal it properly and store it at the planned place the time capsule needs fine engineering skill so that the contents may not for making a casing the box aluminum stainless steel is used and documents are reproduced on acid free papers.

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Time capsule in India

The first incident of time capsule depositing is recorded in 1972 on the occasion of 15th august the time Prime Minister Smt Indira Gandhi buried a time capsule outside the gate of the red fort and named it “kalpatra” this capsule contained the post independence history of India. Another time capsule was installed in 2010 at Gandhinagar in Mahatma Mandir which contained the history of Gujrat. In 2021 at the AMU campus a time capsule in the form of a huge box was buried which contained the history of AMU.

Time capsule at Robert E Lee statue

They found a time capsule with the Robert E lee statue on Richmond, Virginia. The workers were dismantling the pedestal of the statue on 17th December. This 12 tannes statue is of Lee on his house. In this first capsule there were 2 books , a coin and cloth envelop.

 Time Capsule Where Robert E. Lee Statue
Robert E. Lee Statue

This is the second time while another time capsule on the form of a copper box was found beneath the pedestal. The box measures 13.5 inches in length and breath with a height of 7.5 inches. This box had some money, copper coins, few books and the holy bible.



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