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The Golden Temple of Amritsar is famous all over India and the world for being the temporal seat of the Sikh Religion. But less Knowing fact is that Vellore is also known for having the Sripuram Golden Temple.

This Golden Temple is located in the Sripuram spiritual Park in Vellore district of Tamilnadu. This temple is dedicated to the Goddess Mahalakshmi and thus Srilakshmi Nairyani is the presiding duty. If you are doing the Golden Triangle Tour with South India you must plan to visit this famous temple.

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Golden Temple of South India

Location-The Temple is 150 Kms from Chennai. It is 200 Kms from Bangalore 160 Kms from Pudicherry and only 125 Kms from Tirupati. This can be easily reached by the cab from almost all of these major destinations.

Idea of Making– Sri Sakthi Amma who is known for the being the initiator and founder of this temple is known to be spiritual from his early childhood. As a devout Hindu an idea flashed into his mind to create something unique for the mother Goddess.

He travelled a lot in and out of the country, made his followers and with a combined efforts and donations. This magnificent temple was ready in 2007 for the Public. This is spread in a large area of more than 100 Acres of land.

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Architecture– the Golden Temple and Sripuram is designed on purely Vedic style. The Temple is highly ornate with gold work having the use of more than 1500kg pure Gold done by the deft handed artisan.

These skilled workers firstly converted the gold bars into gold leaf and thus applied this leaf on copper base. The famous path pattern of Sripuram is in the shape of a star. This walking is more than 1 kms to reach the main temple.

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Message of Shakthi Amma– “When God gives you the taught that you should be doing something good and when god gives you the urge and the opportunities. Take them all, right away.

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Sri Narayani Peedam-Is the place where shakthi Amma resides. This place is based at the edge of a mountain which is called Kailasha Giri. This is the place from where Amma and the trust regulates is the affairs.

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Narayani Lunch Home– This place is closer to the Temple and you can stop from dining. After lunch you can avail special tickets for visiting the temple to avoid the crowd and save time or you can go the regular way.

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Things not allowed to carry- You are not supposed to carry cameras, mobile phones, smoking items etc.


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