Taj Mahal Night Viewing- A Dream To Be Real

Taj Mahal Night Viewing- A Dream To Be Real

What an idea? The Taj Mahal night viewing and watching the Taj Mahal bathed in the silvery hue. This is possible, yes, five days in a month so far. On the full moon night and two prior and two days later. Taj Mahal moonlight visit is possible. One can go inside the Taj Mahal by purchasing the tickets from the A.S.I Agra office.

Is the Taj Mahal Moon Light Open Now?

After the pandemic of Covid-19 the Taj Mahal Night Viewing remain closed. In the course of time when the situation of Corona will ease out and the vaccination, the masses will be done the government will decide to reopen it. Thus the tourist who cherish the desire to view the moon light at the Taj Mahal will be able to book the tickets for the Taj Mahal Moon light.

The Platform made to view the Taj at night

Taj Mahal Full Moon Night Visit

But more the Government plans to grow tourism by allowing the Taj Mahal Night Viewing soon. They have already made a plinth close to the Mehtabh bagh. After the security arrangements and other planning, the dream of looking at the Taj at night is soon going to be real.

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Now the tourists who do Agra overnight tour and desire for some night activities can find an easy option Taj Mahal moonlight visit..

The platform for Taj night viewing

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