Symbolic meaning of Red colour in Indian culture.

The colours play a very important role in Indian culture and Hindu religion.Different months and even festivals have their specific colours, The Monsoon months are represented by green colour, The spring is also celebrated as festival of Colours (Holi Festival). The flowers and nature after winter months bloom in different myriad of colours in this particular month.The colour of sacrifice and bravery is the Colour saffron.

The Indian bride
The Red bangles
Importance of Colours in Indian Culture
The vermillion”Sindoor’

Importance of Colours in Indian Culture

One very important colour in Indian culture and mythology is the red colour. Contrary to the western beliefs and outlook where the red colour is associated with mischief and the devil. In India red is the colour of love, In Indian marriages you will find the bride is always draped and dressed if not in red then the nearest most resembling shade of red colour.

The bride wears red bangles, Wears red coloured dress, applies a red dot commonly known as “Bindi”on the forehead, applies beautifully decorated artistic henna “Mehendi” on the hands and feet, applies a streak of red coloured vermillion”sindoor” thus the Indian bride can be differentiated and noted from a mile long. The vermillion in India is the open declaration of the marital status of a lady.

Henna decorated hands
The feet marks of a newly wed
Red Colour feet marks

Not only the wedding day but the newly wed brides are easily recognized by the artistic henna on the hands also adorning beautiful red bangles. Almost necessarily the drapings  and the dress selection of the newly wed bride displays the red colour.

The newly wed bride when enters her new home she is supposed to dip her feet in red color paste and then make her feet marks look like the feet of Goddess Lakshmi entering the house bringing the wealth and good fortune.

Goddess Lakshmi

The red colour perhaps gets this kind of belief set from the red colour of blood. Red Blood is the base of all life process thus the colour red automatically becomes the colour of auspicion and new life.

Goddess Laksmi the Goddess of wealth is also denoted and wears the red colour, She is known to be the wife and life partner of Lord Vishnu (One of the Gods of Hindu trinity).

New life generates and develops in the mothers body surrounded by the blood red colour infact not only surrounded but the foetus is fed by the red coloured blood thus supporting the new creation.

The sacred fire and the offerings

In Vedic Hinduism the colour of fire is resembled by red colour .Fire resembles purity and is known to be the messenger and carrier to the Gods thus in Vedic rituals the varied offerings to the Gods are infact fed to the fire thus believing that fire will deliver them to the respective God as a carrier.


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  1. It’s interesting to know that the red color is of importance to the Indian culture and is always present in their events, especially weddings. My grandparents were both Indian, but they have settled in the US a few decades ago and we rarely talk about their culture. It might be a good idea to take them to a nearby Indian restaurant where we can have discussions about their way of life.

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