Top tips for Taj Mahal Sunrise

Top tips for Taj Mahal Sunrise

1 Book Taj Mahal tickets Online

The usual rush at the ticket window scares lots of tourists my first tip for Taj Mahal sunrise tour is to go for online booking of the Tajmahal tickets done beforehand to skip the line. If you aren’t able to buy the tickets online ask help from your travel agent who will buy your Tajmahal tickets beforehand for you. This will surely save you from lots of hassle.

The Ticket window at the Taj

2:- Reach the Taj Mahal entry point half an hour before sunrise.

The Tajmahal security gates open exactly half an hour before the actual sunrise. So if the sunrise is supposed to be at 7:00 Am the gates will open exactly at 6:30 Am and the line in front of the gates of the prospective sunrise taj visitors is always long. among

Some other best tips for Taj Mahal sunrise tour is to beat the long line. Rise early and reach the Taj Mahal gate at least an hour before the actual sunrise time thus you will not only beat the traffic but will be amongst the first visitors at the Taj Mahal.

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The Tajmahal entry gate at the sunrise (mostly is dark in the winters)

3:-Carry Little stuff with you for Taj Mahal sunrise visit

The security will thoroughly frisk you at the Tajmahal gates. So the best tips for the Taj Mahal sunrise tour is to carry just very important things like –Camera, Mobile phone, Wallet. Follow the advice of your Agra tour guide during the Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour regarding the prohibited things Rest leave everything else in your hotel room/car before moving to the Tajmahal.

4:-Go straight to Taj Mahal Royal Gate

After getting through the security straight move to the Tajmahal royal gate, Try to be fast beating the other tourist as you will get to experience the marvelous sight of the Tajmahal sunrise.


The View of the Royal Gate after entering the Tajmahal
The Entrance of the Tajmahal
Standing in front of the Royal Gate

The view of the Tajmahal from inside the Royal gate

5:-Later move to the side of Royal Guest House

After the mesmerizing view of the Taj mahal at the royal gate and some memorable pictures move towards the building on the right side of the Tajmahal popularly called as the royal guest house.

Your guide will try to make you listen to his story of the Tajmahal tell him to wait for a little and move to the royal guest house, Here you will get to see the first sunrays of the day kissing the Tajmahal marble and the sparkle of the semiprecious stones in the inlay of the façade from best possible angle.

The view of the Tajmahal from the Guesthouse side.
Another angle of the sunrise at Tajmahal
Taj Mahal from the marble platform.

6:-Sit on the platform of Royal Guest House

Find a place to sit before the royal guest house and serenely witness the color change of the white marble at the sunrise, you may tell your guide to orate his commentary, Listen to his interesting story while enjoying the Tajmahal.

Sit at the stone bench, while experiencing the Taj listen to the Guide.

7:-Enter the tomb Later

Do not enter the cenotaph chamber of the Tajmahal (Place where the emperor and his beloved wife lie in eternal sleep) before say 8:00 Am when its enough bright as inside of the Tajmahal are quite dark at sunrise.

8:- Do not forget to take the last picture of Taj from Taj Nature Walk

After returning back from a perfect Tajmahal sunrise visit do not forget to take a picture of the Tajmahal from Tajnature walk where a different vista of the Tajmahal will reveal before you.


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