Touring The Taj Mahal Chronicles

Touring The Taj Mahal Chronicles

In the annals of history and architecture Taj Mahal has been a fountain spirit owing to its seamless beauty and feeling associated with it. Its provoking charms have attracted the multitudes since the medieval times. There was a time of 17th century when it was completed in 1653 it was used by the royalties to pay homage to the deputed sour and it was not designed with the aim of a tourist spot.

As the initial name of the Taj Mahal signifies “Rauza a Mumtaj” or “Rauza-i-Murawwara” Which signify it to be a pilgrimage for Mumtaj- the consort of Shahjahan as “Rauza” implies- a pilgrimage. It used to be closed to the public in Mughal era except of certain occasions like the celebrations in Mughal era except of certain occasions like the celebrations of Birth day and Day of expiry of the Lady.

Touring The Taj Mahal Chronicles

Just for this reason a small town was established close to the Taj called Mumtazabad which is presently known as Taj Ganj and it used to serve as a residential area for the artisans and a market for the pilgrims.

The instinct of touring is very old in the mankind and in the earlier times it was for the sake of religion- thus known as religious pilgrimage. Before the house arrest of Shahjahan by Aurangzeb he used to reach the Taj Mahal by boat from the Agra fort regularly along with the selected numbers having a heart soaked with the feelings of love, loss and remorse.

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Tourists from overseas have deep insight into Indian Culture

Jean Baptiste Tavernier a French merchant is supposed to be the first foreign traveler visiting the Taj Mahal at his own expense. He was a great observer and had a deep insight into Indian Culture. Though his travel accounts “Travels In India” Mac Milan and Co. London, 1889 we can get detailed references of the Taj Mahal.

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Taj Mahal Touring in the English Time

In the English time after the collapse of Mughal rule Taj Mahal was left without care for a long time until the major restoration happened during 1899 to 1905 while Lord Curzon was the Viceroy. The locals had no bar to enter and thus encroachments happened in the surroundings. It was during this time that the Indians from other parts of India started coming to visit the Taj Mahal.

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The overseas travelers started coming by the cruise ships bound to India. The network of nail times made it easy to travel to Agra. From the famous cruise parts the foreign travelers used to travel by trains to Agra. The old excepts say that in Agra these tourists used to stay in the Old Laurie’s Hold and then enjoy a tong or baggi ride to the iconic Taj Mahal.

Sometimes the English officers used to throw parties inside the Taj Mahal.

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In the present century the Taj Mahal has seen much upsurge in tourism. Now it is not confined to the old pilgrimage. The number of footfalls of tourists has multiplied from few hundreds to many thousands.

Now imagine the numbers of visitor’s 20,000 a day and sometimes on special occasion like ursa exceeding 70,000 a day. Imagine this all happened because of better network of modern express highways, rail and airline network.

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