Why only the Fragmented Tour of the Taj Mahal, Not Complete ?

Why only the Fragmented Tour of the Taj Mahal, Not Complete ?

Taj Mahal is the complex monument which needs at least 4-5 hours complete tour. If you imbibe a photogenic taste you should not confine your Taj Mahal you’re just to visit the main mausoleum.

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What is normal to the tourist- Just enter the fore court are of the Taj either using the Eastern or Western and entering the main North Gate they are over welcomed by the beauty of the white marble edifice. Later morning to the tomb right through the gardens, they step into the main tomb to see the ornate graves of the Emperor Shahjahan and his consort Mumtaj Mahal.

Tour of the Taj Mahal from Delhi

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This sort of visit is very normal with a common visitor. Those who are more eager, they get to see the other two red sands stone lofty building on either side of the white marble tomb- the one on the left mosque and on the right the Royal Guest House. This view from each of the building of the Taj is eye captivating.

In the morning it is advisable to snap the Taj right from the interiors of the Guest House while in the evening it is better to take from the mosque within. Besides the mesmerizing views of the Taj in themselves these two fine structures are inspired by the great architectural features and are highly ornate with fuscous. Close to the side of the mosque you can find the temporary burial place of Mumtaj Mahal.

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It is well known fact that this Lady lied in Burhanpur and was temporarily buried over these and still you can find a tomb over there. Later on her remains were exhumed from these and it is a less known fact that her remains were secondly buried at this place in the Taj Gardens as the Taj Mahal structure was not complete.

Visit the Taj Mahal which gives you memorable tour experience

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Now you can make a planning for touring some less known Tombs, Mosques and other places of interest in the surroundings of the Taj which would certainly make your Taj Mahal Tour complete. But for all this you need at least two hours more beyond the normal schedule.

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Right outside the East Gate close to the Taj Mahal you can visit another compound which is better known as the Kali Masjid where you can notice a tomb and mosque. This is the tomb of shahjahan’s First wife Kandhari Begum . She was the princess from Safvid dynasty and was the youngest daughter of Safavid ruler Sultan Muzaffar Hussain Mirza.

This is otherwise known as Cat Mosque. Legends say that this Lady had a passion for cats and she made an orphanage for the cats by keeping more than 300 cats at a time. Still if you visit this place you can find more than 100 cats dwelling inside and you can take pictures of this tomb and admire the beauty of the Taj.

After visiting the Kali mosque you can head towards almost one km and you can visit the Tomb of Bukhari saint who in the local tales is considered to be the guiding spirit for saving the Taj Mahal. Same legends say that the emperor Shahjahan and the architects were much perplexed during laying the foundation of the Taj Mahal.

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They are trying hard but the unknown forces were hindering the construction word. Then the advice of the wise men Shahjahan requested the Bukhari saints to favour them and bliss then. Later Bukhari Brothers made their dwelling places on the corners of the Taj.

You can now move further to visit the Hathi Khana from where the pictures of the romantic Taj Mahal would be certainly Instagram worthy and you can even go further closer to the Tannery to have a breathtaking view of the Taj.


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