Revenge Tourism in India

Revenge Tourism in India

What is Revenge Tourism ?

Revenge is a psycho state in which one feels sad on some issue and want to give reaction to it. This may be on the loss of someone, or some position. Most of the Shakespearean tragedies abound in such theme. Frances Bacon is very apt in saying “Revenge is a kind of wild justice”. Vengeance tourism is a similar word signifying revenge vengeance meaning in Hindi is Badla. This is right in context of Revenge tourism also when people cherish the desire to do more and more travelling which was not possible for them during the Covid period and thus they want to have justice.

Feeling bored during Lockdown at home

Revenge tourism is one such state which is caused during the long lock down period. The masses have to sit idle at home without indulging in their routine affairs. People felt imprisoned in their houses like the birds in the cages. As the lock down barriers were imposed most of such people were unable to travel to their desired destinations.

Revenge Tourism China

As the Civid-19 cases have ebbed and the holidays are on, I expect revenge tourism all over the globe. Tourism in china has already got a big momentum as the domestic tourism saw a big boom in this October the world revenge tourism is curved after revenge spending in China. This happened in late 1980 when Chinese community came out of restrictions of spending money. People become happy as they after a long time become elated as they were able to spend money. Thus they shed off money in buying consumer goods and using services.

China Wall

Similarly revenge tourism refers to describe bottled- up demand of travel after a long spam of lock down. After almost a month’s restriction of travel the signs of pent up demand is being noticed in china where millions of people have already travelled across the country in past couple of months.

India Tourism after Covid-19 unlock

The month of October started hitting revenge tourism in India as well. For almost 5-6 months people who were confined to their den have seen a streak of light with the phased unlock. As most of them were feeling boredom at home most of these plan for offbeat tourism. They pine for fresh air and basking in the sunlight. This is the reason people have started the inquiry for resort properties which are not overcrowd, having a vengeance people with their families or near friends plan for weekend tourism.

North Goa beach shacks to open in November - Outlook Traveller
Goa Beach

Not only travel and tourism but global hospitality industry dream of revenge tourism in 2021. As with the successful trials of corona vaccines and their approval by same governments we are hopeful that revenge tourism is not a day dream and it is going to bring soothing balm to the deceased sector of tourism under revenge tourism people are going on extra trips and indulge in splurging after the Covid-19 crises.  

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How Golden Triangle Tourism will boom under Revenge Tourism?  

Golden Triangle is a major hub of tourism in North India. This sector which incorporates the tour of three cities- Delhi Agra Jaipur is popular not only with the International tourists but also with the domestic tourists. For almost last one year this sector is adversely affected with the Pandemic of Covid-19 most of the travel and tourism establishment and hospitality industry is on a ventilator. Thus the situation is aggravated  with the ban on international flights and the suspension of India Visas.

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Taj Mahal

As the Chinese tourism got benefited with the revenge tourism I envisage that India tourism and specially Golden Triangle tour is going to harness the fruits of revenge tourism in near future. There are several reasons why tourists will prefer travelling Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour. One strong reason is that this sector has golden opportunity of staying in the resort properties away from the crowd and hum drum. After your monumental tour you can easily retire to your designated property. You can stay in the outskirts. You also have the option to book the monumental tickets online without being in the line, the eateries and the places to visit also follow the Covid protocol.

Off Season the Best Time For Revenge tourism

So far as Indian Tourism is conserned the first quarter of 2021 is expected to boost up revenge travelling in India. As the covid-19 vaccines are going to be launched soon it will create a sense of security as the people will be vaccinated the mood of travellers will change who are so far engrossed in a feeling of moroseness.

It will be certainly an uphill task to provide vaccines to all the people within few months, so precautions must be taken while doing revenge travelling in India. One can choose such destinations which are less frequented or choose visiting the over crowded monuments in such timings which are less crowded.

Varanasi Ghat

You have better option to travel in off season for example if you plan visiting Delhi Agra Jaipur or Varanasi, you can plan from March till July. Thus you are avail to curtail you budget and avoid the crowd at the busy monuments like the Taj Mahal or Qutub Minar or the Ghats and temples of Varanasi.

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